Exquisite Linen Zari Dupattas

Exquisite Linen Zari Dupattas

Crafted in premium linen

As far as fabrics go, linen is considered to be one of the most exclusive, most premium. Made from the fibres of flax plants, linen is very soft, breathable and drapes beautifully. One of the oldest fabrics in the world, dating back to 8000 BC, linen has been used a symbol of purity and wealth by many ancient civilizations. It is a fabric especially well-suited to India’s hot and sultry climate. Today, textiles in the linen weave texture as also referred to as linen. These fabrics are prized for their softness and finesse, and are usually expensive textiles produced in small quantities, unlike mass-manufactured synthetics.

In this collection, we have used pure, premium linen to handcraft beautiful dupattas that have been further enhanced with zari work. The advantage of using linen is that unlike other fabrics, it drapes beautifully, which is important in dupattas especially.


Fine zari work

The dupattas in this collection have been enhanced with gorgeous zari work. We have used silver threads to create woven zari motifs and borders. This gives our dupattas a softly glamorous, rich look that is perfect for the festive season. The woven zari work has been done by the skilled craftsmen on India, making it a labour of love.


Lovely colours

For this collection, we have used beautiful colours that range from warm to cool tones. We have a shimmery grey, a beautiful black, a royal purple, a striking red and much, much more. This ensures that there is a colour to suit every preference and every kurta you could have. These beautiful dupattas are perfect for mixing and matching.


Perfect for festive occasions.

As the name of the collection itself suggests, the lovely dupattas here are perfect for festive occasions. If you are looking for something traditional to go with your anarkalis and angrakhas, look no further than our linen zari dupattas. They can even be worn as scarves with western wear! And of course, with their silver zari work, they are perfect for dressing up a plain kurta or a simple top.

So whether it is an afternoon wedding, a Diwali card party or just a casual brunch, pick a dupatta from this gorgeous collection to jazz up your outfit in seconds.


So go ahead and shop from our latest collection today!