Seasons of Splendour

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Savannah Green Pure Wool Kani Woven Shawl

Savannah Green Pure Wool Kani Woven Shawl

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Seasons of Splendour is a collection inspired by the rich colours and different seasons of our country. From the brown of our soil, the green of the Chinar leaves turning red in autumn, from the snow that caps the majestic Himalayan mountains – a collection of super soft, super luxurious shawls.


Kani weaving of Kashmir

Kani weaving is a traditional Kashmiri style of weaving. Kani or Kanni, as it is sometimes spelled, has been around for the past 5,000 years, and flourished during the Mughal rule in India. This type of weaving was earlier done using small sticks – also known as kanni - instead of a traditional shuttle. It was this method that gave it its name. Today, Kani weaving is also done by machines – just like in this collection of beautiful Kani woven shawls. This traditional craft form of Kashmir travels from the Himalayan hills to your wardrobe, thanks to Tjori’s lovely new collection.


Pure wool shawls

Seasons of Splendour is a collection that houses shawls that have been expertly crafted using super soft pure wool. Forget the scratchy woollens of winters, these silky soft shawls are so cosy, so smooth, you’ll never want to take them off. Along with high quality pure wool, we have used 20% of pure pashmina wool – also known as soft gold because of its excellent quality and high price – to create gorgeous pieces that anyone would be lucky to own.

The best part? Since these shawls are pure wool, they don’t compromise on warmth for a good drape or pretty design. Unlike the mass manufactured acrylic shawls and winter wear of today, these pure wool shawls will ensure that you stay cosy while look absolutely elegant.


Kashmiri motifs and designs

Like all traditional arts which grow and flourish in a particular region, Kani weaving too is characterized by its typical patterns and motifs. Distinctly Kashmiri in style and flavour, these motifs include blooming flowers, buds, leaves, the ambi or paisley motifs, and of course the Chinar leaves of Kashmir. In this collection, all these gorgeous designs have been used in pure wool Kani woven shawls. Skilled craftsmen of India have created intricate designs in lovely colours to bring these beautiful shawls to you.


Colours of nature

In this collection, we have used beautiful colours in our stunning shawls. Tasteful and subtle, rather than in your face. We have off white, moss green, brown, deep red, gorgeous pinkish orange – all serving as a canvas for other colours to bloom on. For the design patterns, the prominent colours include blue, yellow, green, pink, red, maroon, white, brown, and many others. The effect, overall, is one of gorgeous elegance, rather than ostentatious apparel.


So go ahead and shop from this lovely collection today!

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