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A remarkable feature of Ajrakh printing is that on a single fabric, using the same design, resist printing is combined with other printing and dyeing techniques. The whole process is repeated on both sides of the fabric in perfection, which calls for unsurpassed skill. Ajrakh uses mud-resist at various stages and dyeing and printing is repeated twice on the fabric to ensure brilliance of color. Superimposing the repeats is done so perfectly that the clarity is sharpened.

To identify Ajrakh one needs to look for fabric with a background of red or blue, although now colors like yellow and green have also been making big on the scene. Traditionally four colors were used red (alizarin), blue (indigo), black (iron acetate) white (resist). The Ajrakh makers believe that the printed fabric has warm and cool colors which steady the body temperature… blue is cooling and red is warm.