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Off-White Cross Stitch cotton Dress

Off-White Cross Stitch cotton Dress

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History Of Cross Stitch


Dating back to the middle ages, Cross stitch is one of the oldest forms of embroidery and is found all over the world. It involves a double stitch diagonally crossing intersections of vertical and horizontal threads of various fabrics. This method of embroidery is known to have flourished during the Tang Dynasty in China, from 618-906 AD. Cross Stitch really came into its own through ‘samplers’, named after samples that stitchers would keep of their favourite designs or stitches. The earliest dated sampler to be found was stitched by a Jane Bostocke in 1598. The inscription depicts the birth of a girl child, Alice Lee, in 1596, Jane’s cousin. The sampler contains a variety of patterns, rows of border motifs, and randomly placed motifs.

As time progressed, these samplers were used for educational purposes to teach young children how to stitch. The samplers became more and more decorative and artistic before starting a download spiral in the 1800s. In the 1960s, the lost art was re-discovered once more.


Beautiful Motifs

This form of traditional embroidery can be stitched on almost any fabric that allows the stitcher to make uniform and evenly sized stitches. The motifs on your fabric look richer the more threads are used. The motifs stitched can be as simple as a line of crosses, to being as artistic and elaborate as masterpieces. The intricacies involved in the process of using this embroidery add elegance and charm to the entire piece.


We have created a collection of apparel that has been handcrafted in voile cotton and enhanced with the use of intricately designed cross stitch embroidery motifs. Each design flaunts rich coloured motifs against an off-white fabric, pulling all the attention towards the patterns.


This form of stitching is also known as counted cross-stitch or stamped cross-stitch. Traditionally, it has been used to adorn household items throughout the house. It makes for interesting home decor designs, owing to the alluring even look as well as vibrant colours. For more flair, it can sometimes be used in tandem with other embroideries to enhance the beauty of the fabric.


Traditional Crafts

Handcrafted to perfection by skilled Indian artisans, we have used the oldest known embroidery form to create apparel that aligns with the latest trends and styles in the fashion industry. Each design has been carefully chosen to create a contemporary collection of summer apparel. The motifs are appealing to the eyes, making the apparel ideal for formal, semi-formal, as well as casual occasions. These add a touch of tradition to your outfit, blending old traditions and new silhouettes. The apparel goes through various internal checks before dispatch, to ensure that only the best is offered to our customers. The fabric and threads used are of the highest quality, bringing out the elegance and richness of design and style. The collection is ideal for the summer owing to the off-white colour of the fabric, though it can be worn all year round. It is also perfect for office and professional wear.

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