Dreams In Kota Doria

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Hariyali Cotton Block Printed Kota Doria Saree

Hariyali Cotton Block Printed Kota Doria Saree

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From the land of rich fabrics and stunning textiles, a collection that showcases the best of Indian handicrafts. Dreams In Kota Doria is a collection that uses fine Kota Doria woven textiles as a canvas for hand block printed patterns. This latest collection from Tjori houses beautiful sarees and dupattas that are definitely going to add grace to your wardrobe.


Kota Doria from Rajasthan

Kota is a city in Rajasthan, and the word ‘doria’ refers to dori or threads. Kota Doria therefore is a type of traditional weaving process from the city of Kota where the finished textile has a pattern of woven checks. These fabrics, with their unique pattern of squares, are known as Kota Doria fabrics. Today, this craft is practiced in Kota, Rajasthan and in Uttar Pradesh.

Kota Doria fabrics are fine, lightweight and perfect for Indian weather. The threads are interwoven to create intricate and exquisite textiles. For this collection, we have sourced the best Kota Doria fabrics in cotton directly from the skilled weavers of Rajasthan.


Cool in cotton

Kota Doria weaving is done usually in silk and cotton. For this dreamy collection, we have used pure and premium cotton yarn to create natural, lightweight and breathable fabrics that drape well and look elegant. The pure cotton sarees and dupattas from our Dreams In Kota Doria collection feature the trademark pattern of woven checks and have unparalleled grace and elegance. The lovely cotton fabric has excellent fall and is perfect for Indian weather. In the day and age of mass produced synthetic fabrics, it stands out as a labour of love.


Hand block printed with love

How have we enhanced the already fine fabrics in this collection? With another traditional art of Rajasthan – hand block printing. The cotton sarees and dupattas in the collection have feature intricate and elaborate hand block printed designs. From pretty florals to detailed geometric designs, these Kota Doria fabrics have been made even more beautiful with typical Indian designs.


Delightful colours

From the land of colours, expect nothing if not a rich colour palette. While the sarees and dupattas in this collection feature gorgeous hues, they are always elegant and never over-the-top. From the beautiful blue of neelam to a cheerful yellow of amaltas, the delightful colours used in this collection make it a sight for sore eyes. From earthy tones to pure pastels, the colours span a wide spectrum, ensuring that there is something to please everyone.


Beautifully traditional

Lastly, for anyone looking to add some ethnic elegance to their wardrobes, Dreams In Kota Doria is the perfect collection. This range of sarees and dupattas showcases not just one – but two – of India’s traditional crafts. Moreover, is there anything as elegant as a well-draped cotton saree? We don’t think so.

So go ahead and shop from this lovely collection today!

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