Secrets Of Quarantine

Secrets Of Quarantine

Citrus Hand Wash140399(65%)
Kamadhuk Nasal Drops4051349(70%)
Kamadhuk Panchgavya Body Wash4051349(70%)
Soothing Chamomile Body Wash192549(66%)
Orange Blossom Body Wash210599(65%)
Juicy Fruit Body Wash225749(70%)

Quarantine time can be tough for you especially if you are someone who does not like sitting in one place, but because of the recently discovered coronavirus [COVID-19] it is better that we isolate ourselves.

We at Tjori have made it our personal aim by also starting as a hand sanitizer wholesale supplier. What makes us a good hand sanitizer supplier is that we make our hand sanitizers with a formula that consists of 70% alcohol IP and as it is scientifically proven that hand sanitizers with alcohol content increase your immunity towards any bacteria thus giving you virus protection also.



Hand Sanitizers came into the picture of hygiene and sanitisation because people realized that a person might not have access to water, sink, and soap at all times to keep up with the cleanliness so the sanitizers were introduced and these are made with a formula that kills the bacteria and germs on your hand and evaporates within 5-10 seconds thus giving you virus protection.

 Tjori has also become a hand sanitizer manufacturer and hand sanitizer dealer for you all out there in this desperate hour of need.

 Our advanced gel-based hand sanitiser is a perfect disinfectant and what makes it a must-have quarantine essential is that its composition includes 70% IP alcohol which is proved to make you 80% resistant as compared by the use of other hand sanitisers without alcohol.

Get your hand sanitizers in wholesale from Tjori at the best possible rates and

The gel-based formulation keeps your hands moist and hydrated for many hours, made from all-natural ingredients thus making it suitable for all skin types.

As a recent hand sanitizer manufacturer, we aspire to give you virus protection and immunity against the odds which also means that your essential goods like hand sanitizers will be shipped within 24 hours.


Made from natural and organic components like neem, orange, etc which have anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties thus giving you more immunity towards any bacterial and fungal infections.

The neem leaves are rich in vitamin E and C which helps to cover up the wear and tear of the skin, in addition, it is also known for its healing properties.

At Tjori we make it our personal aim to provide our customers with a product that full fills the expectations. Get hand sanitizers in wholesale with us along with the liquid hand wash.


Not many of you might be aware of the fact that one should use a body wash rather than soaps because soaps are comparatively harsher as they have more base in them thus making the skin harsher. Here we are with a multitude of body wash for you this quarantine to make sure that the Ph value, skin odor, acne’s, dullness, etc. from you skin goes away while restoring your body’s natural glow. Get the essentials in wholesale best hand sanitizers with us along with the body wash thus giving you overall virus protection for you.

Variety of Body Wash available with us-

  1. JUICY FRUIT BODY WASH- Made from all organic ingredients like oatmeal extracts, chemical-free fruit extracts, etc. the juicy fruit body wash gives you a soothing and fresh skin in just a single-use.
  2. MANDARIN BODY WASH- Famous for its healing properties the mandarin body wash by Tjori is infused with the essential mandarin oil that not only gives your skin the hydration that it needs but also a very sensual smell that refreshes you inside out.
  3. CHAMOMILE BODY WASH- Extracted from the herbs chamomile body wash will give you a smooth and refreshing bath. Made from all organic ingredients which means that it won’t have any side effect on your body.
  4. ORANGE BODY WASH- Vitamin C is known for its citrus qualities which help in the removal of stubborn dirt and healing the wear and tear in the skin. Vitamin c is also known for its properties of removing pigmentation and scarring this a perfect pick for you.

Etc. and much more body wash that you can try.



Made from a formulated procedure of tulsi and neem extracted, the skin protecting gel contains anti-septic and anti-bacterial qualities that help you regain your body’s lost moisture. An excellent moisturizer of this organic gel is one of its kind. What makes it a beautiful product is that it is suitable for all skin types.



  • Advanced Hand Sanitizer.
  • Set of 2 Protective Neem Liquid Hand Wash and Sanitizer.
  • Set of 2 papaya face wash and hand sanitizer.
  • Set of 2 Facewash Neem Tulsi and hand sanitizer.


  • Wash your hands with soap whenever you come from outside.
  • Avoid going out in public places.
  • Use a mask and always carry hand sanitizers with you.
  • Wash your clothes daily.
  • Always wash your fruits and vegetables in running water.
  • Do not touch your face specially the area around your nose.
  • Say no to junk food.
  • Make online transactions wherever possible instead of dealing in cash.
  • Sanitise your door handles, knob, windows, mobile phones etc.
  • Contact your nearest hospital if you have any of the symptoms of COVID-19.