An Ode To Block Printing

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Rewa Handloom Chanderi Bagh Printed Saree

Rewa Handloom Chanderi Bagh Printed Saree

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Block printing as a technique to enhance textiles is widely used in India. Each corner of this vast country seems to have a unique form of block printing, each more beautiful than the next. This collection is an ode to the beautiful art of block printing in India.


Hand block printed sarees

For this collection, we have used the painstaking art of block printing by hand, using traditional wooden blocks, to create a range of gorgeous sarees. These sarees feature intricate and elaborate designs, all created through hand block printing by skilled Indian artisans. The amount of hard work and love that goes into creating each hand block printed sarees cannot be measured in money, but we’re sure that your gracing these sarees will definitely add to their value!


Bagh printed sarees

Bagh printing is the traditional art of block printing of Madhya Pradesh. This type of block printing is known for its use of natural red and black dyes to create beautiful designs. Some of the sarees in this collection have been enhanced with this art of Bagh printing. They feature the characteristic red and black printed designs on a tasteful beige base for a lovely effect.


Fine fabrics

The buzzword for this collection is elegance, which is why we have used only the finest fabrics available to create exquisite sarees. Pure handloom Chanderi and pure Maheshwari handloom fabrics – all woven by the skilled weavers of India – have been used to create these sarees. The fabric is lightweight and luxurious, making it perfect for the upcoming festive season. Moreover, the handloom textiles are a labour of love, very different from mass-produced synthetics. Thus, when you drape on a saree from this collection, you support India’s handloom sector and also wear a fabric that’s as comfortable as it is gorgeous.


Lovely colours

This collection features an array of colours. While we have used tasteful beige as a canvas for some prints, especially the Bagh prints, we haven’t neglected other colours. Whether you like cool blues and greens or festive pinks and oranges, there is something in this collection that will appeal to everyone. Go ahead and pick a colour you like – whether it is the understated beige or the beautiful yellow, the bold magenta or the offbeat mehendi green – we are sure you will look stunning in whatever you choose.


So go ahead and shop from this beautiful collection today!

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