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Linen is made with fibers from the flax plant. It is one of the oldest fabrics and the earliest evidence of it being manufactured dates back to Egypt, approximately 4,000 years ago. Admired for comfort today, this fabric is a symbol of contemporary aesthetics. The hand-woven linen fabric is perfect for hot weather as it does not cling to the skin and allows the body to relax and breathe. 

The price of handwoven linen saris varies as per the quality, weft, and pattern. There is a technique behind every linen saree like cotton linen saris are weft in cotton, silk cotton saris are weft in silk and then pure linen saris are weft and wrapped in linen. When we see today top-notch designers are working with pure linen saris which are handcrafted and also they are using the jamdani weaving technique to make perfect designer linen sarees at the best prices. These saris are undeniably beautiful and attractive.

Linen Sarees at Tjori: 

Finding handcrafted linen sarees online is a big task and the quality of the material used is something that every consumer is worried about. Here, at tjori, we believe in making everything authentic and aesthetic as we fetch all the handcrafted fabric from the authentic vendor from around the globe and then design it into modern apparels.  

Linen Bhagalpuri Sarees: Ideal for festivals and traditional events, these saris have their own charisma. Here a Bhagalpur sari has been expertly handcrafted in pure linen and Enhanced with a golden border to make it even more impressive. 
Pure linen Sarees: Hand-woven saris have their own charm and style. These are usually enhanced with a golden border or red border to make a fabulous statement Piece. 

Style it up: 

The basic requirement to drape a saree: 
Saree: Long six-yard drapes one-piece fabric to wrap around the body. For classic saris option, you can visit us. 
Blouse: The most essential part of linen saree is crop top but a well fitted one. If you need traditional and gorgeous printed blouses then visit tjori. 
Petticoat:Worn as the bottom-wear it basically helps in draping the linen saree and giving them a substantial support.  It should be in the matching colour of the saree. 
Also, you will need safety pins for securing the linen saree to your body. Do not forget to wear heels as you drape your sari.

The richness and smoothness of this fabric give a classic look when paired correctly. You can style it up with handcrafted jewellery and footwear. A classic piece of jewellery such as a trendy nose pin, a classy neckpiece or dainty earrings to look dead drop gorgeous. Considering the whole look, traditional footwear would be going with the look of the linen sarees such as Kolhapuri Chappals, juttis or traditional heels to refresh the look like never before.   

Another option is you can drape these beautiful saris in a different style like athpourey shari, nivi drape, seedha pallu and more with that you can choose jewellery from the variety of options but go for boho or traditional ones for a appealing look. If you are not comfortable with heels then go for traditional flats or chappals. 

Tjori presents a chic collection of handwoven linen sarees adorned with Zari details and beautiful fabric. You can find linen saris online at Tjori at the best prices in different designs and patterns. Our designs are usually traditional with enhancement of tassels, bows and more. The saris are eye catchy and unique. The fabric used is authentic and the sarees here create an elegant look and accentuate your features like never before. 

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