Sumptuous Tussar Silk Sarees

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Red-Noir Tussar Cotton Silk Saree With Ikat Blouse

Red-Noir Tussar Cotton Silk Saree With Ikat Blouse

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Blue-Yellow Tussar Cotton Silk Saree And Ikat Blouse

Blue-Yellow Tussar Cotton Silk Saree And Ikat Blouse

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If you are a saree lover, your collection cannot be considered completed without a gorgeous tussar silk saree. This beautiful type of silk is produced mainly in Asia, and India is its second largest producer in the world. Our weavers are known for this stunning tussar silk creations, and this collection has been sourced directly from these weavers to grace your wardrobe.


What is tussar silk?

Tussar silk is a type of silk that is prized for its rich texture and natural gold colour. While most silk varieties are produced by silkworms that feed on mulberry trees, tussar silk is produced by worms that feed on jamun, oak and other wild forest trees.

Tussar silk is also known as kosa silk or desi tusser. This silk is usually made from silkworm cocoons that have been collected from forests, so it is also called forest silk.


Our luxurious tussar silk collection

Silk is a fabric that is known for its luxurious look and rich texture. Tussar silk, moreover, is also prized for its inherent golden colour. All tussar silk fabrics have a dull sheen that set it apart. And the test of true tussar silk? Burning! When it is burnt, true and genuine tussar silk smells a bit like burning hair.

At Tjori, we have used pure and genuine tussar silk to create a line of sophisticated sarees. With their natural shine, heavy look and brilliant colours, these sarees are perfect for formal occasions, festive wear and family functions.


Handwoven with love

It is estimated that about 95% of the world’s handwoven fabrics are made in India. In India, where every region has its own special kind of weave and textile, tussar silk is still prized for its unique texture and colour. The fibres for tussar silk are short fibres, which makes this type of silk very delicate. The plus point is that it is also slightly more affordable than other varieties.

All the sarees in this collection have been handwoven painstakingly by skilled craftsmen of India. This makes them a labour of love, as the process is not automated, regulated and mass-produced like synthetic fabrics. Each saree has been handwoven by hand, which increases its value and beauty quotient infinitely.


Zari detailings

We have given these tussar silk sarees a royal touch with gold zari borders and designs. These zari borders have been handwoven too, for a beautiful finish. It gives these sarees a royal touch of luxury, making them perfect for festive gatherings.


Brilliant colours

The colours used in this collection are all rich and stunning. We have a turquoise blue, a deep red, a dark grey, and a royal purple – all offset with gold zari detailings. The natural gold sheen of tussar silk really makes these colours come alive, giving the saree a beautiful sheen and a lovely finish.

So go ahead and shop from this beautiful collection today.

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