Pashmina Shawls

Pashmina Shawls- An Alluring Addition to Your Outfit:

Shawls have been a favourite article of clothing for woman since centuries. They add a touch of elegance to your ensemble. You can drape them around to keep the body warm or fashionably over the shoulder as a winter drape, or around your neck as a chic accessory. There are many amazing and innovative ways to sport shawls with each in different style and statement in them.

The word shawl originates from the Persian word ‘shal’ which is an item of clothing that is loosely worn over the shoulder, upper body, arms as well as over the head sometimes. Semi Pashmina shawlsare triangle or square in shape, you can easily fold them and wear them in any form. Scroll down to know more about this classic garment and how this can be styled.

Exquisite Pashmina Shawls:

This garment has a huge process in making. The most popular variant of shawls is pashmina shawls which is made in Kashmir, it has a huge influence. So, let’s go through some interesting shawls types and see what makes them popular.


The pashmina goats are found in hilly areas like ladakh, India. In the fourteenth century, Mir ali Hamadani visited the place and made woolen socks from the goats wool. He gifted them to the king of that time. The instance inspired the weaving of the pashmina shawl, which is loved the entire world.


This is a shawl that originates in Kashmir. The work ‘dourukha means ‘two faced’ in Persian language. It is woven garment that is ingeniously created to have the same effect on both the sides. This kind of masterpieces takes months of hard work and patience.

Pick the Best Semi Pashmina Shawls:

Tjori features a wide variety of pashmina shawls, and here are some of the numerous elegant and handcrafted pashmina shawls you can get your hands on them on our website.

Red Kani Semi-Pashmina Shawl:

Containing a semi-pashmina shawl and other items, this is handcrafted by Indian skilled artisans. Here showcasing intricate kani embroidery on the attire. This whole attire is perfect for wedding and pre-wedding events.

Black Kani Semi-Pashmina Shawl:

Showcasing heavy floral Kani embroidery motifs, this set features attire which is best suited for any formal event and traditional function in winters. Meticulously crafted to perfect complement each other, this set has been made using 64 count semi-pashmina threads.

Cream kani Semi-Pashmina Shawl:Handcrafted on cream coloured64 count semi-pashmina thread, this kani embroidered set contains a brief set of kurta , palazzo and shawl. You can easily carry this off with black accessories and shoes to an evening dinner party to get the best complements for your outfit.

Buy the best pashmina shawls online:

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