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Running Out Of Your Round The Clock Virus Protection Essentials?

Even after cleaning your home thoroughly, there might be some germs and bacteria’s that are still there but not visible to you. It’s time to provide yourself and your family protection against hard bacterias, germs with detol hand sanitizer.

Due to the rapid spread of COVID-19, we at Tjori have made it our personal aim to make sure that you guys stay home and stay healthy during these tough times.

Slow the Spread of the COVID-19. Stay Home and protected with Tjori’s Hand Sanitizer Spray which is infused with 70% IP alcohol that helps in fighting the toughest germs and provide you round the clock protection. Buy detol hand sanitizers, hand sanitizer sprays and hand wash and we will ship your order within 24hours.

This detol hand sanitizer with 70% alcohol that helps in fighting the toughest germs. What makes this detol hand sanitizer online perfect and a must-have essential is that it has a gel-based formulation that helps in restoring your moisture from hands and keeping them hydrated.

Buy detol hand sanitizer online for your family to give round the clock protection that will reduce your chances of falling ill this quarantine.



Your mobile phone is a thing that is very close to your face because of calling and texting so you need to maintain proper hygiene while using it. Take a small drop of detol hand sanitizer with 70% alcohol and put it on a tissue then clean the surface of your phone gently.


One of the most common ways of spreading any virus. Many people come and go through the entry and exit of a place which means that they touch the doorknob, so you need to make sure that you always keep a detol hand sanitizer nearby to clean it every now and then to reduce the chances of infection.


Your debit cards, credit cards, grocery shopping cards, and what not have been exposed a lot because of payment thus making them a carrier. Spray the detol hand sanitizer on them and disinfect them.


Your clothes are the biggest carrier of any disease so you need to make sure that you change them and wash them thoroughly. You can use the detol hand sanitizer spray to keep it clean.



  • As the detol hand sanitizer with 70% alcohol aims at giving you round the clock protection you should also keep in mind that alcohol is flammable, let the detol hand sanitizer dry properly before you enter your kitchen.
  • Keep your detol hand sanitizer away from heat and flame.
  • Let the screen of your desktop and mobile phone come at the room temperature before you use the detol hand sanitizer on them to disinfect it.
  • There is a proper procedure to check alcohol in the detol hand sanitizer, we perform our checks under supervised and controlled environment do not try burning it at home.

So these were some very common things that we tend to ignore when it comes to using a hand sanitizer. Hurry to get your detol hand sanitizer with 70% IP alcohol that not only kills germs and gives protection to increase your immunity.

Stay safe this quarantine with Tjori’s advanced hand sanitizer spray.

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