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Men Hair Comb - Neem wood
Versatile and functional, this neem comb is one of those essential grooming accessories every man needs to have in his arsenal. Handcrafted to ensure proper combing, the addition of neem prevents the growth of microbes. Gently massaging your scalp as...
Aqua Tea Anti Baldness Hair Gel-100gms
Tjori’s hair gel promises to give your hair strong and long lasting hold. This product is an ayurvedic formulation,hence it would provide nourishment to your hair. It is formulated with Tea, a natural source of caffiene, which has a powerful...
Charcoal Infused Bamboo Toothbrush
An eco-friendly Toothbrush made from the Bamboo which is also naturally antibacterial, making it a superior choice for the environment and for your oral care. It is intended to clear away all the plaque from the gums. Its charcoal infused...
Woody Spice Anti bacterial Beard Wash-100ml
Get going with tjori’s woody spice beard wash for men. Beard needs a special care as well. Our beardwash is gentle and hydrates our skin beneath while retaining natural oil of the skin and keep it healthy and soft. Presence...
Razor - Natural wood
Achieve the perfect smart shave by using Tjori’s razor. The blade sets in a balanced position, by which the client encounters a smooth shave. The handle of the razor is made of natural wood and can be unscrewed smoothly to...
Neem Anti Septic Shaving Oil-100ml
A multi purpose oil for your shaving regime. This shaving oil from Tjori can be used before and after shave. For ultimate glide,smooth & quick shaving experience,one to use a shave oil to soften your hair and lift it up...
Aloe Vera Cooling Clear Shaving Gel -100gms
Clear Visibility to shave area, quick & moist shaving experience.enriched with anti bacterial tea tree & cooling aloe vera & cucumber, providing cooling & refresh shaving experience NO PARABEN & NO SULPHATE Weight:100 ml
Tea Tree Anti Dandruff Shampoo-250ml
Men are more prone to dandruff due to their hormonal changes, the reason could be yeast called Malassezia feeding on oils in your scalp, making it dry. Our tea tree shampoo enriched with balanced oils, tea tree oil & hydrolysed...
Face Mask for Men - Activated Charcoal
Activated charcoal draws bacteria, toxins, dirt and oil from the skin. It controls the oil secretion in the skin, making it perfect for the skin that is prone to blackheads and acne. NO PARABEN & NO SULPHATE Weight:100 ml
Ustraa - Wood
Handcrafted, Light Weight, Finely Balanced, chromed blades & wooden Handle.It requires less maintenance as it uses changeable blades & efficient to give closest shave possible with smooth & safe shaving experience.
Men Beard Comb - Neem wood
Pocket-friendly and efficient, this beard comb can be carried with you everywhere, thus making sure you look groomed and refined at any time. The use of neem prevents the growth of microbes and the wide spokes ensure there is no...
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