Graceful Khussa Juttis

Graceful Khussa Juttis

Khussa juttis are traditional shoes of Southeast Asia, especially popular in the Indian state of Punjab. When paired with traditional Indian clothes, these juttis look especially graceful. As the festive season dawns on us and we scramble to find heels that will last us through the night during that wedding celebration, we at Tjori came up with a range of khussa shoes that will pair beautifully with all Indian clothes.


Traditionally beautiful

Khussa juttis are popular shoes in Punjab and other parts of India. These flat shoes are open from the back and usually handcrafted in leather, though artisans today experiment with other materials as well. Beautiful and graceful, they go well with Indian clothes, though you can pair them with western ones as well for a fusion look.


Crafted in jute and suede

For this collection, we have curated a range of beautiful khussa shoes. While some have been crafted in natural jute, others have been made with textured and plain leather. Both materials guarantee unmatched comfort for the wearer. These shoes look especially beautiful when worn.


Lined with comfortable hand block printed fabrics

Giving them an even more ethnic twist is the lining. We have used traditional Ajrakh and Kalamkari hand block printed cotton fabrics to line these khussa shoes. The result is elegance matched with pure comfort. We at Tjori value the traditional handicrafts of India and recognise the labour that goes into creating each piece of textile we use, which is why the use of these hand block printed fabrics is done not just to add a touch of class to the shoes but also to support India’s handicrafts sector.


Pleasing colours

From classic tan and black to offbeat white, this collection features a range of colours to go with all your clothes. We have used basic black, brown and tan in our textured and plain suede khussa shoes. The jute ones, meanwhile, come in a range of colours like red, blue, natural beige, green, grey and more.


Comfortable and flat

The best part about the shoes in this collection is the comfort they offer. With their flat heels, they can be worn 24/7 without any aches and pains. Moreover, the soft and natural cotton lining used in making them adds an extra touch of comfort. Say goodbye to uncomfortable heels and invest in a pair of good juttis – your feet will thank you!


So go ahead and pick your favourite khussa jutti and add it to your cart without any further delay!