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Set Of 2 light blue Net Embroidery Curtains

Set Of 2 light blue Net Embroidery Curtains

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Handcrafted by skilled Indian artisans, these curtains are certain to add charm, elegance, and regality to your room. Made in net, these flaunt unique and elaborate embroidery motifs that enhance the decor. The floral and leaf motifs bring to mind the simplicity of autumn and springs, while the sombre colours used make the curtains perfect for the summer. Having been made of net, these allow a slight breeze and bright light to illuminate the room while adding protection against the unwanted savouries that might blow through the window. The off-white hues used as backgrounds add a touch of serenity and classy taste to the bedroom or living room. The universal colours of the embroidery also blend beautifully with all the other household decor items in the room.

Net Embroidered Curtains

These curtains are a fantastically practical addition to your room’s decor. The material is thin and semi-transparent, ensuring the privacy of your home as well as offering an unrestricted view of from the window. It also allows easy illumination and brightening of the room. During the day, it also doubles up as a privacy veil put over windows and doors. Traditionally, net curtains come on white or hues of white to blend and compliment with almost all decor items. Most often than not, these are used in combination with solid coloured blackout curtains that ensure that too much light doesn’t get in and privacy is maintained. The solid coloured curtains also pull attention to the light coloured net curtains and the intricate embroidery motifs on it.

Handcrafted Home Decor

Each curtain has been crafted entirely by the hands of skilled artisans, who are experts in their field. The embroidery that the curtains flaunt has also been done by hand, to create these masterpieces. The colours have been selected by experts to complement the room as well as the season, with sombre coloured hues adding to the beauty. Each design is sold in a pair and has been priced at affordable and reasonable prices. The net chosen has been selected by designers themselves, ensuring that it is of the best quality only. We aspire to offer our customers products that are of the highest quality. Each curtain goes through a variety of in-house quality checks to ensure only the best reaches you. You can choose from a range of colours to suit your aesthetics and tastes. Each curtain exudes a sense of peace, tranquility, and elegance, adding to the sheer beauty of a room. These would look best against the windows and doors overlooking a mesmerizing view, especially as part of the living room decor and against glass doors.  

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