Summer Vibes

Summer Vibes

Your curtains, more so than any other piece of home décor, define the look of your room. That is why we at Tjori put extra special care into creating curtains for your living spaces. The material we use is always premium fabric, our designs are understated and classy, and this collection is no different. We proudly present to you Pink City: A collection of breathtakingly elegant curtains in shades of pink, crafted in the finest jute-cotton and enhanced with lace trims.


Jute-cotton curtains

Jute is also known as the golden fibre for its colour and versatility. It is an excellent choice for bed linen and home décor, since it is strong, durable and known for its sound and heat insulation. Cotton, meanwhile, is the perfect fabric for Indian tropical weather – and it exudes a quiet elegance of premium handwoven fabric.

For our collection, we have used jute-cotton fabric which is as soft as it is durable and combines the best of both pure cotton and pure jute. This lovely jute-cotton material has been used to create curtains that define a room and add a touch of grace.


Sets of two

These curtains come in sets of two to perfectly complement a lonely door, a bare entrance, and make it look inviting, welcoming. While some are simple hanging curtains, perfect for the bedroom and the living room, others are two-tiered curtains – ideal for formal spaces of your home, or rooms where you want something less casual and more heavy.


Shades of pink

The colour pink is evocative of a rosy memory, a long-lost sense of nostalgia. We have tried to capture its beauty through our latest collection: Pink City.

The curtains in this collection are all in various shades of pink – from pale pink to dusky rose. It’s a colour that will go beautifully with most wall colours – whether the bright gold of your formal dining room or the sophisticated cream of your bedroom.


Delicate lace

Who doesn’t love lace? A simple lace trim can add ounces of elegance to your home décor. Keeping this in mind, some curtains in our jute-cotton curtain collection have been made even more beautiful by the addition of lace trims.

These delicate lace trims come in a variety of intricate designs – while some are white, others are black. We suggest you go for the white lace trimmed curtains if you are looking for something delicate and subtle. If your tastes veer towards the bold and beautiful, our black lace-trimmed curtains are perfect for you.

If you like to keep things simple, our plain jute-cotton curtains have been left unadorned to let their premium fabric do the talking.


So go ahead and shop from our gorgeous collection today.