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Green Checked Cotton Table Napkins And Table Cover - Set of 7

Green Checked Cotton Table Napkins And Table Cover - Set of 7

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Black Checked Cotton Table Napkins And Table Cover - Set of 7

Black Checked Cotton Table Napkins And Table Cover - Set of 7

USD 49 (-1%)

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Embroidered Cotton Table Napkins

If you’re a proud homeowner, we’re sure you choose each and every piece of home décor wisely – and care for it lovingly. After all, your home is a reflection of who you are. It is through your home that you portray an image of yourself to everyone who comes in. And when you entertain, we’re sure you want everything to be top-notch, including the tableware, cutlery and napkins. To ensure that your dining table looks as beautiful as everything else at your home, we have come up with a collection of beautiful, simple and yet impressive table napkins.


What is a table napkin?

In the simplest of terms, a table napkin – also called a serviette – is a rectangular cloth placed along with the cutlery on a dining table. Table napkins are used to wipe fingers or the mouth while eating. Conventionally, table napkins are folded and placed to the left of a plate. Often, these napkins are arranged into beautiful origami figures before being placed on the table.

Today, using table napkins is a way to introduce an element of colour and elegance to your table setting. Our collection of table napkins aims to do just that.


Crafted in premium cotton

Our table napkins, just like everything else we produce, have been crafted lovingly and with a lot of care. Using premium cotton fabric, these napkins come in sets of six. The natural fabric used in making these table napkins is durable and soft – very different from the mass-manufactured synthetic napkins that have flooded the market today.


Beautiful colours

We want our table napkins to provide the best background to your cutlery and tableware. To that end, we have chosen beautiful colours like lilac, pale blue, off-white and dusky purple for our napkins. These colours have been chosen to complement, rather than overwhelm, your table setting and décor.


Embroidered and block printed

Our table napkins have been intentionally left sober and understated to let their premium fabric do the talking. Without any loud colours to distract or heavy embroidery to render them useless as table napkins, these napkins are as sophisticated as they come. However, to add an element of elegance, each napkin has been beautifully embroidered along the edges or enhanced with a tiny, intricate block printed design.

Sustainable and eco-friendly

We at Tjori believe in crafting products that are functional without being wasteful. Our design philosophy aims to create sustainable and environment-friendly products. These table napkins are crafted out of premium cotton, making them durable as well as elegant. Unlike use-and-throw paper napkins, these can be washed and reused easily, making them eco-friendly as well as tasteful and beautiful when put on a table.


So go ahead and shop from our Tasteful Table Napkins collection today for table napkins that are as beautiful as they are functional and sophisticated.

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