Afghani Tribal Jewelry: Afghani Earrings & Necklace

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Afghanistan the curator of these stunning pieces made an impact on the everlasting statement Jewellery.  As the name suggests, Afghan Jewellery came into the virtue and showed us a new way to style. In the ancient times, these Jewellery were a part of the tribe of Afghani women used to wear a lot of traditional Jewellery such as necklaces, headpieces, earrings, anklets, waist belts and more. The vintage significance comes with its unique rustic feel.  The place Kabul, where the main orientation of these Jewellery manufactured. Initially, it had a tribal name and fame then, it took off to another route to India where people welcomed it wholeheartedly.

There is no local source of gold and silver in Afghanistan so, the tribal women make the jewellery by hand. They start with melting down old coins. Other materials like old coins, semi-precious stones, they even use glass, enamel, plastic and stone beading. Everything has its own design and value.

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Necklaces:An incredible vintage Kuchi tribe necklace featuring onyx stones and ghungroo. It’s easy to get confused between Kutch and Kuchi tribe. Kutch in western India (Gujarat) and Kuchi in Afghanistan as they have so many similarities between the lines of trends and culture.

Earrings:Afghani earrings, bright and beautiful, the danglers are oh-so-perfect for a woman. These handcrafted danglers are embedded with glass beads and enamels.

Ring:Tjori finds the finest brass rings which are gold plated and adorned with semi-precious stones. These alluring rings are best for an impressive statement style.

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Afghani Tribal Jewellery substantially reflects the nomadic vibe and culture. It combines with various influences across the cultural barriers. The place where women are covered with Afghani Jewellery from head to toe. There is no view of the skin on their body as they wear Jewellery all over. The Jewellery is made with sturdy metal as the women wear it regularly. There rigorous nomadic lifestyle makes it even more important to have a sturdy material. This definitely explains why so many Kuchi pieces are still available and are in good conditions.

Afghani tribal Jewellery was crafted in many different places and forms. For instance, as we talk about the large danglers, nose rings, hair ornaments, Afghani necklaces, beaded fringes these all have their own style and niche which they fit in. As of now, all these pieces are highly in demand. Most of the bloggers, fashion expert have been seen wearing these at events and galas.

This handcrafted gold-plated, brass Jewellery collection is a fusion of traditional and contemporary elements for a modern woman’s wardrobe! Kuchi Necklaces, earrings, motifs, enamel work and exquisite tribal elements.

As I stated above Kuchi Jewellery came from Pashtoon tribe that were living close to Afghanistan and Pakistan. The work Kuchi itself means migration which is a Persian word. It describes the particular group of people. Now, the jewellery wore through various cities that are India, Central Asia, and the Middle East.  These jewellery artisans used coins, semi-precious gemstones, and ghungroos to produce tribal Afghan jewellery, earrings and more by hand, often in age-old designs.

Afghani Jewellery:
Tribal or Afghani Jewellery made by indigenous tribal artisans using local materials to create objects of adornment that have cultural significances. Authentic Afghan jewellery is different from what we see in the market as it has been styled up by the local artisans to make it more appealing.

Afghani jewellery pieces are rarely uniform or in similar shape. The material used are locally found as these people does not have any access to gold and silver. The designs and content various from quality, culture. The most charming part of this jewellery is there no additional polish and gems. They have been made aesthetically with the provided material. Tribal jewellery is made by artisans, who choose their materials very carefully, based on the availability and traditional symbols. The colours are procured from the valley where the stones and other material are found. You can see a lot of turquoise and lapis lazuli in the patterns. Pearls and stones used for the white colour and other elements that have been used in jewellery making since antiquity. In most tribal cultures, silver is the metal of choice or metal coated with silver. After using coins as a part of jewellery, they are also used after melting them to incorporate them into the jewellery.

There are so many types of Jewellery in Afghani or Tribal jewellery:

Afghani Earrings: The beautiful intricate work and mesmerizing stone inlays with absolute chic designs. Well, we are in awe of these everlasting earrings. Not single days have gone by when I have not spotted someone in Afghan jewellery. Beautiful floral designs and Jaali patterns incorporated nicely into the earrings. These earrings are available online at our store.

Afghani Necklaces: These necklaces are adorned with beads and metals. These can be styled up with any dress, if you like ethnic wear then Saree and Kurtis. If you going for a casual outing then you can flaunt western attire with chic Afghani necklaces. If you are looking for longer pieces then you can easily find them online.

Afghani Chokers: They look amazing with off shoulder blouses and tops. The traditional ones are made up of silver and something gold plated silver. The contemporary ones are oxidized and made more unique and charming.  They are high on style quotient but light on your pocket.

Afghani tribal jewellery reflects nomadic freedom in its style, and it generally combines of various influences from many different cultures and tribes. There are so many types like earrings, head bands, anklets, necklaces, rings etc. Since many of these pieces were intended to be worn daily due to which they have a rough and oxidized appeal to it. These pieces give you a bohemian, free-spirited, earthy vibes. These are trending and are very exclusive statement pieces of jewellery that you are always on the hunt for. You can find the latest Afghani Jewellery Online at the best prices. These are fairly priced and come with aesthetic designs and nuances.

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