Sterling Silver Toe Rings

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Jalebi Set of 3 German Silver Adjustable Toe Rings

Jalebi Set of 3 German Silver Adjustable Toe Rings

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Kanchan Set of 3 German Silver Adjustable Toe Rings

Kanchan Set of 3 German Silver Adjustable Toe Rings

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The Tradition Turned Style:

Toe rings a symbol of married women in India. It is not just for fashion, it has its own martial meaning. These rings are an important accessory for every woman who has been married in India. These are mostly available in silver and gold. It is worn in pairs in both the toe fingers. Gold rings in toe are not accepted due to the belief of Goddess Lakshmi and that the reason which is made with gold is not worn below the waist.

Toe rings come in different sizes and designs, it’s a way to add more feminine touch to any Indian outfit. Toe rings are getting increasingly popular in the US and Canada as an accessory for women. It is also spotted by celebrities on red carpet. For Indian, this has a ritual which has been carried forward through generation.

Let get in some history of toe rings, in the Ramayana also the famous poet Valmiki has described toe rings as ornaments in 4th century BC. Today toe rings have become a fashion statement in the US and UK.  It is mostly worn with open toe shoes like flip-flops and peep toes. Shoes like pumps and casual shoes can be a little uncomfortable for toe rings. These came in two different styles adjustable and fitted. There is a variety of toe rings available online. From a simple sterling silver toe rings to intricately designer ones. You can choose from the wide variety of designs and trends.

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Fitted toe rings are comfortable in wearing but they tend to get problematic with size, Adjustable toe rings are the traditional rings which can be adjusted and be true to your size. These came in different designs and styles. The versatility of these designer toe rings are usually made in silver.

Three different styled toe rings: We have set of 3 three adjustable rings with handcrafted German silver and semi precious stones of translucent blue black and turquoise colour with spiral design on their sides. You can pair them any kurta of silk or georgette.

Buy the best silver toe rings:

You can buy toe rings onlineat our store which is present online, you can order on just one click and select from the wide variety of options. Traditionally rings are made with gold and sterling silver. At our store you can find sterling silver toe rings at the best prices. As these have gained popularity as an accessory, toe rings are now a fashion statement, even girls wear it as a statement. You can also find decorated toe rings with beads, semi precious stones, gemstones and many other things.

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