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Warrior Charms

Warrior Jewellery Inspired Pink Necklace

Warrior Jewellery Inspired Pink Necklace

USD 36
Warrior Jewellery Inspired Blue Necklace

Warrior Jewellery Inspired Blue Necklace

USD 39
Warrior Jewellery Inspired Multicolour Necklace

Warrior Jewellery Inspired Multicolour Necklace

USD 36

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India has a long history of exquisite tribal jewellery – and we at Tjori never fail to get inspired by its stunning handiwork and intricate designs. For our latest collection, we have borrowed elements of tribal jewellery like the use of fierce warrior symbols, coins, beads and feathers that are so widely found in tribal jewellery. To give them a contemporary twist, these elements are crafted in-house by skilled artisans and used on cheerful threadwork bangles and necklaces.

Crafted in-house

Our entire Warrior Charms collection has been crafted in-house by four women. These skilled artisans from the bylanes of Delhi have accorded their time and effort to create something special for our customers. Each piece in this collection has been lovingly handcrafted by these women, making it unique as well as beautiful. When you buy something from us, you’re not just contributing to the continuance of handicrafts, but also to the livelihood of our jewellery making partners.

Warrior jewellery elements

For the creation of this collection, we have used charms inspired by warrior jewellery in India and around the world. These elements were widely inspired by nature and the tools used by the tribes. This means our pieces have utilised symbols inspired by weapons, feather charms, old coins, intricate beads and more. All of these elements have been polished a dull gold or silver to resemble the authentic charms of the olden days. These elements have been crafted out of German silver for durability and strength.

A contemporary twist

We love reinventing the old to make it better, adding an element of surprise to our products. Traditionally, tribal warrior jewellery used leather cords and elements like jute in their jewellery. For this collection, we decided to do something a little different and use two natural elements to complement our tribal and warrior designs – wood and cotton threads. Our bangles are crafted out of wood and wrapped with colourful cotton threads for a beautiful effect. Not only does this infuse some colour into our jewellery, it also gives a modern update to age-old tribal techniques.

The colours used to do this range from a deep aquamarine to bright pink. Classic shades like black, red, orange, different hues of blue and beautiful greens are also available in this collection.

The pieces

For this collection, we have handcrafted gorgeous bangles and necklaces in an array of colours to go with all your outfits. The best part about these jewellery pieces is that they look equally good with ethnic as well as Western outfits. If you are looking to add some fusion flair to your outfit of the day, simply slip on one of our bangles or necklaces for an indie twist. You can even go bold by stacking different bangles together for a colourful effect!

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