Summer Essential Combos

Summer Essential Combos

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Best natural organic skin care products

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For the mind, body, and soul Ayurveda has proved to be one of the most powerful healing ingredients. It is believed that it treats physical and mental healing. These organic wellness products are a rich blend of plant extracts, plant stem cells and essential oils which are meant to create the balance and harmony in your body. 

Organic skin care is considered to be the best as they are infused with all natural ingredients like sandalwood, Aloe vera, Kesar, Neem, Rose, Jasmine, Lavender, Orange and more. These holy grails of the earth are considered to be the best in making your body feel relaxed, rejuvenate, heal and energize.

Find the best Organic routines products:

Natural wellness products are always considered to be the rich source of herbs which are the best for the body and mind. There are organic products like papaya sunscreen, charcoal cleansing, Aloe vera pack and more.

Tjori believes in following the rituals and routines of skincare with the organic products for the best results. To stay committed to your skin you need to explore all these wonderful natural combos and hampers which are specifically arranged to make your life a little easy.

Bath and Beauty hamper: Handpicked products to nourish your skin with beauty and health benefits specially curated to deliver the best for the skin and body.

Delightful Combos: This collection has the immense goodness of natural herbs like aloe vera and Alma which is considered to be great for hair whereas Kesar is good for lighting the skin colour, reducing blemishes and dullness. Some other ingredients are rose, lotus, green tea, tulsi, grape and more which helps in maintaining the natural glow of the skin.

To be precise all these products are combined specifically with routines and rituals.

Here are some routines listed below:

Rose Water: Rich in anti-inflammatory properties that helps in reducing redness, acne. To start your day, use the distilled rose water on your face as a toner, this will help in removing the dirt and oil accumulated in clogged pores of the skin.

Neem Liquid Hand Wash: Washing your hand with something which not only helps you remove the dirt and germs but also treat the hand with mild care. Neem is a natural herb which is anti-bacterial in its natural form; here you can easily get the benefit of it by washing your hand with it.

Aloe vera Hand and Foot Cream: Essential for your day and night routines. Aloe vera acts as a moisturizer itself. To get soft and crack free hands and foot pamper them with the essence of aloe vera.

Moroccand Spearmint Tea: Not only rejuvenating your body from outside but also giving it the best gift of life by drinking this amazing tea. The health benefits of this tea are it helps reducing indigestion, relaxing muscles and improve the quality of the skin.

This hamper and other combos are personally crafted for you.

At Tjori, we treasure the organic wellness of these herbs for that you need to Shop Online for Natural Products and get benefited with lots of beauty and health benefits. This wellness range is made of authentic herbs and ingredients which are organic and natural. Stimulate your mind and body with the benefits of these products. Buy these products online at the best prices.