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Face & Body Masks

Face & Body Masks

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Skin related issues have been the concern of the hour for every woman out there. Tjori understands the skin problems and makes efforts towards solving them with Ayurveda homemade face pack. Ayurveda face pack has been a trusted source for solving skin related issues. Our realization is that your skin is one of the most delicate parts of the body which makes it even more fragile to the environment.

It’s really easy to own several skin cosmetics and treatments. But it would work until the skin is healthy from inside. Having said all of it, it is usually a little tricky to know about your skin type, whether it is dry, oily and combination means oily and dry both. Some of the people have acne prone skin type which leads to breakouts every now and then. There are several questions which arise when we talk about skin. The answer to all these questions is Ayurveda, Ayurveda is a natural source which helps in healing the skin and protecting it from the harmful pollutant and clearing it from inside.

Making of ayurvedic face pack:

Ayurvedic face pack is organic and natural skin care product which is made with the goodness of orange, tulsi, neem, papaya and other herbal ingredients. We make your everyday life easy with face pack options. Having a hectic lifestyle, it’s impossible to help the skin generates healthy glow or shine. Homemade face packs show off the healthy skin in regular use and make it glow as well. There is no magic wound or magical product in the market which can make your skin healthy in a day. If someone says this it means they have made it chemically formatted to make your skin show healthy features but actually it is damaging the skin from inside.

Ayurveda does not promise you that, it has been said that with the passing of time Ayurveda from deep inside the skin. There are major skin related issues such as dryness, uneven tone, marks, pigmentations and much more.

Natural ingredients of Ayurveda;

Multani mitti homemade face pack: One of the well-known recipes, Multani mitti helps in deep cleaning of the skin while effectively removing dirt and oil from the skin. It also helps in smoothing of the skin and removing acne and leaving the skin healthy.

For various issues like dull and aging skin, we have such amazing ayuredic products which help in brightening and rejuvenating of the skin such sandalwood masks online, for more beautiful and glowing skin applying turmeric homemade face pack which helps in removing breakouts and acne marks.

Ayurveda is said to be the permanent solution for all skin related problems it is the only way where you can find a healthy glowing skin. Like I said earlier all the beauty blogger and skin care professional swear by these ayurvedic face packs and use them regularly as the main resource for healthy skin.

It definitely takes a lot of time but the results are marvelous and you will fall in love with yourself when you will start using these amazing products. 

Buy Ayurvedic face packs at Tjori:

You can buy homemade face pack with natural and herbal ingredients, from Tjori. We have all the ayurvedic face packs, sandalwood masks online, scrubs and serums which will help you in making your skin healthy and glowing with all the goodness of nature.

At Tjori, we believe in the power of natural ingredients in healing your skin and body in a safe and gentle way. Natural, organic ingredients are nutrient-rich which are accepted by our bodies to give a wide variety of benefits. Our ingredients are sourced from the précised places.  They are sourced at their utmost maturity and purity. Sensitive skin is a skin type that’s get affected easily by the external factors. This type of skim is very hard to maintain as even a little dust or stress can change the normal hormones condition. This makes the skin dull and causes damage to the skin.  Some conditions like extra workload, hormonal changes, change in diet, change in beauty routine, switching over beauty products and environmental changes can affect the skin drastically. The healthiest skin can also turn into a damaged state if it is not taken care of properly.

The best way to take care of sensitive skin is to apply ayurvedic face packs.  Such face packs can make your skin naturally beautiful and healthy. There are some of the Homemade face packs which can be used to make your skin healthy.

Papaya Hamemade Face Pack with Protein Grits:

Papaya contains vitamin E and papain enzyme which helps in removing dead skin and rejuvenate your skin. It controls pigmentation and control breakouts. This organic formulation contains a natural ingredient which helps in detoxifies the skin. It makes the skin smooth and supple.

Anti-Dark Spot Cucumber and Lemon homemade Face Pack:

Lemon is a natural skin brightening agent and cucumber helps in reducing dark spots uneven skin tones. This product is natural and free from any artificial substances. This helps in healing the skin herbally without any side effects.

Indian Rose Face Gel:

Handcrafted with Aloe Vera and Indian Rose petals, this face gel is extremely effective for blemishes and also hydrates the skin. This helps in reducing the redness or irritation of the skin.

Illuminating Papaya and Turmeric Face Pack:

Since ancient times, turmeric (Haldi) is used extensively in Indian beauty treatments. This unique recipe also includes papaya, which provides useful vitamins and antioxidants. Combined together this Ayurvedic face pack helps lighten your skin, giving it a bright and radiant glow.

In case you want to prepare your skin a wedding or for someone else’s then here are few of the natural homemade face packs and body packs which help in making your skin glow and stay healthy for a longer time. If you want it to look all naturally beautiful then opt for some good diet and a little health packed food. Don’t binge on junk this will help you in making your skin beautiful and shiny. Choose ayurvedic ingredients according to your skin type as if you have oily skin choose oil-free ingredients.

There has been a proper routine followed by skin-friendly homemade face packs and products which have the influence of Ayurveda and organic substances. Ayurveda has always been our savior in the times of health issues and skin problems. It is considered as the Holy Grail for most of the people of today. Changes the course of the skin by healing it from the inside and making it look even more beautiful naturally. Sitting at a cosmetic parlor or using paraben products which affect the skin in the wrong way. Our skin is sensitive and it behaves according to we eat and what we apply over it. It is our duty to make it naturally with strong and healthy to sustain from the harsh pollution and stop it from damaging.

Winter Skincare with Ayurveda:

With every season our skin tends to get different type of variations like in winters it gets dry and in summers oily. Here we are talking about winter’s season where our skin tends to get dry, itchy and rough.  Winter seasons brings its own share of face and body problems. It is necessary to take care of the skin in every season. Ayurveda is known to help immensely with so many problems related to skin and body. The whole idea of ayurveda is to help the skin and body to feel good from inside and also to make it look flawless. The idea is to have a great skin so, to get that we have to create homemade face pack which will help in maintaining the skin naturally glowing and healthy. Ayurveda works deeply through the skin and prevents it from getting skin infection and other problems.

If you are looking for some of the remedies for skin and body then you would be happy to know that there are so many in Ayurveda. It has the best treasured ingredients like multani mitti, Ashvagandha, shatavari, amla, yastimadhu, neem and rose petals or turmeric. These herbs are natural and make the skin adapt the good nature and components of these. You can easily make good face packs out of these through our website; you can also buy them here. These herbs are medicated and help replenish your skin to get hydrated in the winters. Ayurvedic face packs are an important source to protect the skin from all the unnatural substance which makes them dull and unnourished.

Your Body Is Your Temple:

You can easily opt for homemade face packs which will work on your skin and body; there are several natural products available on our site which you can explore anytime. Ayuvedic products have a blessing from the nature which can work around any skin problem. Even if you have sensitive skin these products are can make it beautiful and healthy without giving any side effect. Our roots have given us the so many things that today if we see our ancient history, we will realize that our ancestors have found all the skin remedies even before we have got it.  The face packs we use today are generally made of ancient formula and ayurvedic.  I believe in the power of ayurveda and recommend it to everyone. One of the best things that you can do for your body and face is to use all organic face packs and hydrating serums which are made through the process of naturally accumulated oils and organic herbs which helps in rejuvenating the skin and make it worth your effort. These face packs like multani mitti face pack, papaya face packs, rose petal face pack and so many others are here at our website. Our formula is to keep the skin healthy through ayurveda and natural remedies. You can still get a lot of natural products which can help you get a good skin colour and shine.