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Ayurveda is said to be 'your personal wellness blueprint. This ancient system of medicine makes use of nature and its elements to help you maintain a healthy body, mind, and spirit. Through our special homemade Ayurvedic products range we bring to you nature's best-untold beauty recipes.

We, at Tjori, understand your skin and body and believe that the answer to all the problems can be solved by natural remedies and organic ingredients. Skin is the most sensitive part of our body which we realize and for that, we are here creating the best ayurvedic skin care products to protect your skin from the harmful environment. It is easy to own those high priced products which give results instantly but what about the natural glow and skin condition? It comes with proper nourishment and care. There are always questions popping up in our heads about our skin types, what causes breakouts? Or what product suits you the best and what if chemicals harm your skin even more? Phew! All your questions have a very simple answer that is Ayurveda. Yes, you heard right! It is phenomenon through which you can make your skin and body refreshing and nourished.

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Ideally dealing with unhealthy skin is a problem because of the hectic lifestyle and other concerns which makes your skin dull and dehydrated. It is justified that not giving enough time to our skin and body leads to all these problems. But being able to get a glowing skin is about making a right choice of products and treatment. Theirs is nothing magical in Ayurveda but the results are magnificent when used on a regular basis and for a long time. There are so many issues skin related issues which are being faced by many people some of them are dehydrated skin, dullness, uneven skin tone, marks, acne, dark under-eye circle and more.

For all these issues stated above, we have some treasures from our own natural habitat like skin brightening ubtan. Yes, that ubtan which our grandma’s used to give us for more glowing and hydrating skin. Packed with all the natural ingredients this product helps your skin to naturally improve the complexion and texture of the skin.

Curry leaves herbal hair oil: Loving your skin is not enough, your hairs feel betrayed and here we have something for that too. Buy Ayurvedic Product from Tjori such as this Magical Oil which helps your hair to grow improves heir texture and helps to prevent hair graying and much more.

Kashur Khyon: A collection which takes to back to the memory lane. We not only promote skin or hair natural product but also believe that our body responds best when taken good care from inside so not applying products over the skin but also, having a good intake of natural products such as Kashmiri kahwa, since it is warm in its natural form which helps in combating minor flues, chest congestion, and other small health-related issues.

Our online Ayurveda store comprises of natural tea’s, hair packs and treatments, skin care products and all the natural eatables without any harsh preservatives in it. Have a good taste of life with us. 

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