Facial Care with Face Scrubs

Facial Care with Face Scrubs

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Ayurvedic Remedies for Facial Care

According to Ayurveda, exfoliation is an essential part of any routine for the skin. Facial care is incomplete without cleaning, scrubing, toning, moisturizing or hydrating. Exfoliation of the skin should be done at least once a week which helps in removing the dead skin and cleanse pores which are usually filled with dirt and pollutants. This happens due to unhealthy lifestyle, eating a lot of junk and other misleading habits that are unhealthy.

Ayurveda teaches us that whatever we eat or apply on our skin can be seen on the skin evidently. For skin to retain its natural radiance, Ayurveda has the pockets full of herbs and natural products which are transferred into the products to make them natural and Ayurvedic. Our products are the traditional blend of organic and natural ingredients.

Facial scrub can be found in the product range which helps in keeping the skin clean and free from dirt, impurities and germs but also helps in aiding the skin from inside and renew it. Our skin is constantly exposed to various harmful pollutants in air and other factors which make it dull and unhealthy. With Tjori’s range of Ayurvedic range of mild cleansers, facial oils, facial scrubs and facial masks will help you in keeping your skin protected from the all the skin problems.

Pick the Best Organic Skincare Product from Tjori:

At Tjori, we understand the value of Ayurveda, it comes from the nature and leads to healthy skin. There are certain products which may lead your skin to be unhealthy and will make it dry. There so many types of facial mask and face scrubs which are Ayurvedic and also can make your skin healthy. There are so many chemical scrubs that have plastic beads which affect the skin in the harsh way. This makes the scrubs not just user-friendly, but also not safe for the environment.

There are so many types of Ayurvedic skincare products:

Homemade Exfoliating Face Scrub: Power packed with rice powder, sugar, orange extracts and coconut milk, this deep clean face scrub is the best body exfoliator. It removes impurities and helps in refining skin texture. This also helps in reducing the facial hair growth.

Tea Tree and Aloe Vera Scrub:

Made with organic ingredients, this face scrub helps repair and enrich skin texture. Further Aloe Vera Gel and tea tree oil has antiseptic properties, which provide a smoothening affect on the skin.

Citrus Breeze Face Pack: Crafted with lemon peel powder, orange, organic sugar and rose petals this face pack reduce acne, oil, blemishes and scars. Oranges and lemon peels have anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties. Further the combination also acts as a skin lightening agent. In addition to this the sweet smell of rejuvenating Indian roses will leave your skin feeling relaxed.

Day Cream for Normal Skin:

Ensure that everything you use is soap free and has lessened chemical properties like our products. Crafted with skin friendly ingredients this day cream melts into your skin giving you a silky feel. With the moisturizing effects of glycerin and essential oils this cream will hydrate your skin without making it greasy. Products which are Sulphate-free are considered good for the skin.

Tjori, has a wide range of mild face cleaners that promote healthy skin and helping the skin to breathe and produce good and healthy glow. There are an array of products which can change the way your skin looks. Shop with the ease of sitting back home with the comfort of secure payment gateways and an amazing range of products which are actually Ayurvedic and homemade.

Ageless Beauty Regimes:

The secrets of skincare and flawless skin are known by our ancestor for over six thousand years now and preserved it in the form of ayurveda for us. The use of natural extracts, herbs and techniques which helps us today to achieve a good skin. There are so many types of skincare products like face packs, creams and face scrubs etc. Using natural water, essential oils and extracts from the natural resources which helps in nourishing and cleansing the skin. However, ayurveda does work on four different levels, body, breath, mind and spirit. It makes everything perfect with these four in perfect harmony that you body will radiate from inside to outside.

The charming charisma ayurveda reflects in a person is beyond comparison to any other method of saving your skin, the inner vitality, lustrous hair, glowing skin etc are some of the factors which we often try to get from our own small efforts but with ayurveda you can get a lot of inner fire.

Clarify Your Skin With Ayurveda:

Exfoliating is as important as hydrating or moisturizing your skin. Removing the layer of the dead cells from the skin is also an important part of the cleaning process. Continuous exposure to hectic lifestyle, pollution and other factors leads to dead cells which cover the skin, so for your rescue you need to invest in a good ayurvedic face scrub. This will help you clear up the layer from your skin and prevent it from getting dull.  Only using products won’t give you the best, if you aspect them to work, you have to put in effort like keeping yourself hydrated throughout the day. There are facial scrubs for oily skin, why they are different? As our skin has types, like as you may know oily skin tends to get a lot of oil through the pores which we call sebum. This leads to redness over face and acne breakouts, dullness and more other problems. Here you face scrub for oily skin comes for your rescue, this will help in removing the layer of dead cells with maintain skin hydration and oil level.

However, scrub for dry skin this will hydrate the skin as well because dry skin needs moisture and also the dull layer of skin to be removed.

Reducing the Use of Cosmetics on the Skin:

Most of the products which are sold in the name of highly effective things are these highly priced cosmetics. These make the skin glow from outside and consistency makes it get its due damage from inside. There is a simple saying that our skin natural treats it with things natural. Using ayurveda infused product like papaya face pack, aloe vera gel, rose petal face scrub these product have organic ingredients which make a lot of difference in the skin texture and moisture.

Now how to take care of it, Dirt, dust and pollution have taken a troll over our skin. It gets stuck on the surface of our skin which makes it important to clean it every morning and evening. Having facial cleanser in your vanity is important; this is just the first step to make your skin look amazing. There are so many ayurvedic and organic products which can help you in maintaining your skin. Even after just washing you will feel that your skin reflecting a clear version of it. The immediate effect after washing is usually the dirt, oil and contamination is gone. Facial cleanser or face pack works best for these things.

Natural multani mitti and rose petal face pack, these two ingredients in them are so powerful to clean the face and make it more beautiful, this formula makes the skin glow and makes the complexion gets it even tone. There are some kitchen ingredients as well which can be used for the skin like fenugreek and green lentil these two make a great scrub. This face scrub will help you removing the dirt which is stuck in your pores can only be removed through scrubbing and if you choose something natural which benefits the skin as well.

Body Skin Care with Ayurveda:

Our body also get the same pollutions effects as our face gets but we are always inclined towards cleaning our face first as it reflects first. But our body also needs attention and care. Dead Sea Salt body scrub, this gentle body exfoliating and removing excess dirt and oil from the pores of the skin. These ingredients contain moisturizing agents which help the skin to get its hydration properly. Body scrubs are also an important part of your vanity, as body needs its dose time to time.

Exfoliating Ayurvedic Body Scrub: 

This Ayurvedic recipe consists of lentils, rice powder and dried peas, sandalwood, haldi and rose petals. The body scrub has extreme exfoliating properties; this can be used in making the body gets it due dose. Our body tends to get dull with time but with these ingredients you can hope for a great texture of the skin and the lightening effect.

You can shop for a lot of ayurvedic face scrub, face packs, ubtans, cleanser and creams which are ayurvedic and has natural ingredients. At Tjori, you can get a lot of ayurvedic and natural products which make the skin get it proper care. You can start a morning and night regime which will help you in getting glowing skin. There are several types of products but the effect and natural glow ayurvedic products give is something else. You can even use these products on the daily basis but there would be no side effect and I feel this is the best part of using natural products. Tjori is continuously striving towards making the products more effective and nice. Serums and gels are also a great part of regime to keep the skin hydrated and moisturized. Natural oils are also here to give you the best results in making the skin glowing and healthy. All the ingredients are organic and natural this makes all the products spread more goodness.