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Ayurvedic Regime

Ayurvedic Regime

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Essential Ayurvedic Regime for today’s Women

Crafted with age old ayurvedic secrets, Tjori presents curated skincare routines. We believe in the healing power of natural ingredients. Comprehend your skin type and select what suits you best. As beauty consumers, usually people tend to use harmful chemical      which are unpronounceable words on the label which represent artificial and harmful chemical. We tend to forget that everyone and everything on the earth is connected elements and thus we get them in our beauty products as well. There are certain chemicals which harm our skin and health in the long run.  Is it something that is conductive for the improvement of our body? Does that make us establish a healthy lifestyle? Having an Ayurvedic Regime is an essential part of our lifestyle. In today’s time, our lifestyle is so busy that we tend to use more chemical oriented products. We tend to make our skin unhealthy and unnourished, it all just seems perfect but it is not. They damage our skin from inside and make it unnourished.

Ayuvedic principles and their benefits:

Ayurvedic regime route is easy and is driven by natural and humanitarian a principle which helps the skin and healthy to flow in the right direction. Ayurveda exhibits detailed awareness of nature offerings and belongings. It believes in balance and other functioning of the nature. When it comes to helping us become healthier and maintain the best version of ourselves. In Ayurvedic products there is always a capital amount of natural product or you can say it always based on natural ingredients.

Ayuvedic skin care regime should include a Ayurvedic cleanser, a toner or face mist and a hydrating Lotion. Cleansing your face on a daily basis is essential as it removes all the dirt and impurities from the skin. Toner helps in toning the skin and deep cleaning it, after a great cleaning you need to hydrate your skin with an ayurvedic lotion which has parts of natural ingredients as it will help your skin to feel fresh and nourished.

Ayurveda consider Aloe Vera, Neem, Orange, Papaya and other ingredients as the most helpful ingredients. We at tjori, believe in the power of Ayurveda and create products which have the benefits of ayurvedic ingredients and we have also created Ayurvedic skincare regime online for our consumers.


Buy the Best Ayurvedic Skincare Regime Online:

Ayurvedic regime has consistently performed well and made the consumers happy. Some of them are here. These are refreshing, reassuring change from the harsh chemicals to natural ingredients, which have given healthier and glowing skin.

Glowing Skincare Regime: Orange peel powder exfoliation is an integral part of ayurvedic skincare regime. Made with sun-dried oranges, brought to you straight from the city of Nashik, this hydrating Orange Peel Powder has the power and properties to help remove dead skin cells. Rich in Vitamin C it serves as a skin cleanser. It also works in improving blood circulation. Many of the Ayurvedic Ingredients have the properties for improving blood circulation. They also intent to protect the skin from the harmful sunrays, pollutants and reduce tan lines and blemishes.

Pigmentation Skincare Regime: In any beauty regime exfoliation is an integral part of Ayuvedic skincare regime. Crafted with rice, sesame seeds, lentils, and oats and rose this intense exfoliating plays a major role in removing the dead skin and tan lines. You can use a mild face mist after exfoliating the skin and hydrating it with an Ayurvedic moisturizer and Lotion. There is one more component coffee which has a rich source of antioxidants that helps protect your skin against fine lines, pigmentation and related damage, also it helps in removing cellulose.