Winter Care

Winter Care

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Winters are the season of those cold winds, dry weather which makes our skin fade its natural oil and makes it look dull. Tjori, understand the various needs of all skin types basis our deep understanding of the natural science that is Ayurveda. The first step towards taking care is to have the perfect regime, we are only using products which are moisturizing the skin but not treating them internally.

First step towards taking good care of your skin in winters is to have a proper routine or regime, start with cleansing your face with a moist or water based cleanser this will help in removing the makeup and dirt from your face. Then comes toner, it helps in cleaning deep pores and unclogging the clogged ones. The last is use a good moisturizer to make your feel the hydrated and relaxed. Winter skin care is not much different, it’s just using the right amount of moisturizer on your skin.

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Tjori also works in rejuvenating & Brightening Ayurvedic moisturizing cream, which is a hydrating and deep nourishing. This blend of cream is enriched with the finest natural ingredients which are perfect for your skin type. Coming to the ingredients saffron is sourced from Kashmir and other from their regional destination. This is also the best skin treatment for your winter skin. These helps in removing all your skin problems that is dark circles, fine lines and rejuvenating the skin from within. Some properties of ayurvedic treatments are lightening and brightening uneven skin tones. This is also the best skin moisturizer for face which helps in reducing the dullness and pigmentation. Tjori has many ayurvedic products like Pulpy papaya face mask with protein grits, this is one product which can help you bring the right amount of moisturizer on the skin and can benefit in the winter skin care routine.

It’s formulated with a pure blend of natural and organic ingredients like coconut milk, sesame oil, and many other natural ingredients. These organic ingredients have the ability to improve your natural glow and shine. It’s only the skin which is affected by winters, our hair suffer a lot nourishing them with the right amount of oil and other nourishing ayurvedic treatments.

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We have specially created the best moisturizing cream for face that is nourishing and hydrating some of them are lined up here:

Curry Leaves Herbal Hair Oil:

This oil effectively stops hair loss, promotes hair growth, strengthens hair and nourishing them from the roots. Prevents premature graying and enhances your natural hair shine and black colour. Nourishing your hair follicles in winter is also very important and moisturizing them correctly. With our range of Ayurvedic hair oils you can easily get long and lustrous hair. Winter hair care products are available at our online shop and you can shop them from there.

Pulpy Papaya Face Mask With Protein Grits:  

Papaya contains Vitamin E and Papain enzyme which helps in removing dead skin and rejuvenating your skin. It also helps reduce pigmentation and controls acne breakouts. This organic formulation made with fresh papaya extracts detoxifies the skin and further makes it smooth and supple. Face pack is one of the best treatments for making skin perfect and nourished. This is a part of winter care products hence this will help in making your skin looks amazing.

Sandalwood Face Gel: 

This face gel is a natural and holistic formulation, which reduces the appearances of scars and blemishes. When use regularly, the gel can contribute to promoting healthy and smooth skin. Winter skin body care is an essential part of our lifestyle. In winters our body needs a healthy and nourishing regime which Ayurvedic products can bring naturally.

Aloe Vera Hand And Body Cream:

A hydrating lotion that keep our hand and feet soft and upple for winters. A silky, lightweight lotion soaks in easily keeping the skin well moisturized and beautiful. Winter body care products are one of the most important body care routine. It is highly recommended that we use body care products as not only face and hair need nourishment but also our body needs. You can also use revitalizing vitamin E body cream, this cream has naturally brightening properties of vitamin E couple with the and ti-inflammatory properties of Aloe Vera this body cream nourishes and brightens your skin effectively. This organic formulation with the goodness honey also supports acne treatment and prevention.

Day Cream For Normal Skin:

Crafted with skin friendly ingredients this day cream melts into your skin giving you a silky feel. With the moisturizing effects of glycerin and essential oils this cream will give you hydrate skin without making is greasy. Winter skincare is not only important in making the skin feel hydrated but also deep conditions it and makes it even more youthful.