|| Vatsalya ||

Traditional Care For Mother & Child By TJORI

The boundless love of a mother for her child, so special that you go speechless and Vatsalya a Sanskrit word that deems appropriate to honors this relationship, described righteously means the affection a mother has for her child.

And We at Tjori are filled with joy to be a small yet significant part of this odyssey of love between a mother and her child by providing the best traditional care to preserve the purity of this bond.


With apparel as soft as rose & bamboo
Fibres for baby's delicate skin.


With Rakshadravyas (herbs for protection) &
dhupa upkarma(fumigation) prescribed in
Charak Samhita ayurvedic text.


With ancient wisdom prescribed in the texts for the care of baby.


With baby Bedding made in 100% premium cotton
fabric for the comfort and breath ability.

Having my first child was the most beautiful and scariest moment at the same time because the pressure to do everything right and this pressure lead me to doubt each and every product in the market as they had some chemical or was made out of artificial fabric that would harm my baby. When discussed with all my friends who also had their first child realized the importance of organic and natural products which motivated me to pitch this idea of a mother and child category that could help all the stressed mothers
-Poonam Gangwal (Marketing Head, Tjori)

The feeling of anger and sadness encouraged me to curate a set of products that stand true to the Ayurvedic roots we grew up with, our parents had the benefit of a big joint families where kids grew up under the supervision of their grandparents who only believed in natural ingredients and now that the world has come to nuclear families to get the right supervision becomes difficult. These products are curated with the right information from the text books so as to give your child the best they deserve.
-Shruti Mohan (Category Head, Wellness)

Mother and child is a category close to me because I have seen a relative of mine up close who faced the genuine troubles of post-partum and having the opportunity of creating something to help solve these problems for every female who faces such problems
-Pavitra Srivastava (Category Head, Home & Decor)

Jewelry for this collection was inspired by the idea to ward evil eye and help the mother stay positive post-partum which has become a serious concern for the mothers of this era.
-Nikita Sha (Category Head, Jewelry)

It has been an amazing experience for me to understand the complications a women goes through during and post pregnancy. The knowledge of this process led to the building of this category.
-Mansi Kindra (Category Head, Tjori)

The sensitive baby skin which is easily prone to allergies gave me the motivation to hunt for the softest and most tender fibers in order to get the best clothing products a mother could blindly select for her child.
Akansha Manchanda (Category Head, Apparel)

This collection for the mother and child makes me so happy as I get an opportunity to bring The ancient Ayurvedic wisdom back into our lives. Giving back to society and helping them in their regular lives with the best products that they never thought they need has been motivation. This has helped me expand ‘Tjori’ into the lifestyle brand it is, my personal favorite from this collection, is the anti-colic roll on, so convenient to use and super effective. Can’t wait to share many more like these with all of you.
-Mansi Gupta (Founder & CEO, Tjori)

"A word from our beloved!".

Come take a deep dive, into the journey that drove us to yield this goodness and veracious traditional wisdom.

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