Ambika Gota Kolhapuri Chappal

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    • Gota Kolhapuri Chappal
    • Dimension: Avaliable in Size Euro-39 to Euro-42
    • European Size 39: UK/India Size - 6, US Size - 8.5, Foot Length (In centimeters) - 25.4cm
    • European Size 41: UK/India Size - 7, US Size - 9.5, Foot Length (In centimeters) - 25.7cm
    • European Size 42: UK/India Size - 8, US Size - 10.5, Foot Length (In centimeters) - 26cm
    • Note: The above given measurements are footwear measurements
    • Find your chappal size:
    • -Place a blank paper sheet (paper size A4 or similar) on the floor (you may tape the paper sheet down on the floor
    • -Sit on a chair (on the edge) and place your foot on the paper sheet, with your leg slightly bent forward
    • -Draw the outline of your foot carefully all the way around. Draw as close to the foot as possible
    • -Measure the length between the back of the heel and the tip of the longest toe
    • -Note the number and shop for the perfect size
    • Color: Brown, silver & multi-color
    • Material: Genuine leather & gota
    • Finish: Hand-Made
    • Inspiration: India

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