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Anti Tan Regime

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Step 1: Orand ge peel Powder Exfoliation is and integral part of skincare regime. Made with sun- drieorand ges, brought to you straight from the sunny city of Nashik, this hydrating Orand ge Peel Power has therapeutic properties to help remove deaskin cells. Rich in Vitamin C it serves as a skin clean er. Further it also improves bloocirculation.

Weight: 50 gm Step 2: Citrus and Rosemary Face Pack Rosemary, and aromatic herb apart from its culinary uses is also a powerful and ti- aging and and ti tand ning care ingredient. Rosemary has cell renewal properties, which tightens the pores and improves bloocirculation. Combinewith the citrus goodness, this facepack will leave you feeling fresh and active.

Weight: 50 gm Step 3: Orand ge Face Gel To finish, this recipe contains orand ge extracts, which help make your skin look young anVibrant. Further it effectively reduces tand lines and blemishes.

Weight: 50 gms

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