Baby Bath Powder 50 gms

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    Prana is a product that stands for its value and quality and this baby bathing powder uses naturally available materials like Sandalwood being the coolant, Saffron being the brightener, Turmeric bearing medicinal values and Gram flour being the Nourisher all together give us this Powder which is perfectly mixed to help sensitive, soft and tender baby skin to stay the same during their bath. Walnuts are loaded with antioxidants that combat skin damages caused by pollution, dust, and harmful UV rays. The rays of the sun are damaging your baby's skin but foods like almonds which are rich in antioxidants and several vitamins can help heal the skin inside out and making this bath powder an excellent choice for your baby's soft skin.
    Weight:50 gms

    Being an ayurvedic product it is suitable for ALL AGE GROUPS.

    Directions to use:

    Take a small amount and gently spread it on baby's body. Wash it off with herbal medicated water or lukewarm water.


    Walnut powder
    Almond oil
    Kaolin powder

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