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Black A-symmetrical 100% cotton shirt with roll up sleeves

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    Black A- symmetrical 100% cotton shirt with roll up sleeves . The sleeves are fashionefrom Kalamkari block Printedfabric. Kalamkari is a form of craft which involves free handrawing and block printing on textiles. Derivefrom the Persiand words Kalam meand pen and kari meand craftsmand hip. Pair this shirt with your everyday palazzo or pand t for a sophisticateand bollook.

    Dimension: Length of the Shirt : L: inches Length of sleeves : inches
    Color: Black Lining: NO
    Material: Kalamkari Cotton
    Finish: Hand Block Printed
    Inspiration: Kalamkari
    Please note : Model is 57 and is wearing size small & these are custom designeapparel and cand be exchand gefor any size relateissues, not eligible for returns

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