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Facial Hair Growth Reducing Scrub

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How to use?

Directions to use: Massage 1-2 drops onto face after cleansing. Can be used alone, or added to your favorite moisturizer or treatment. Use day or night.

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Cold processed almond oil, walnut oil, essential oils.



Q: How much time does it take to see the desired results?
A: It should be used for 4-6 weeks reguarly to see the desired results. However, the skin will feel fresh and rejuvinated after the first time of using it.

Q: Does it actually reduce the hair and how long does it take?
A: The active ingredients make the hair lighter in color and softer in texture. It further reduces the regrowth. It will take upto 4-6 weeks to see results.

Q: Does it have any chemicals?
A: All our products are free of chemicals, making it safe for everyday use.

Q: Is it only for facial hair?
A: It will work best only on the softer facial hair and not on body hair.

Q: Can it be used daily?
A: It is safe to use for regular use. However, it should be used at least 2 times a week.

Q: Will it remove the hair from the roots? Will there be re-growth once it removes the hair?
A: It will reduce the further re-growth of hair and the existing hair will be come lighter.

Q: Is it safe for children?
A: It is safe forr use by children as well, as it is free from chemicals.


5 Review


Niharika ChawlaMarch 6, 2019
I have been using it for 2 months at a particular spot on my face. I had to get it waxed every 15 days. But using it I need to get it waxed once in 30 days. Really impressed !!!


Bhavna KherMarch 4, 2019
Hair doesn't come off immediately after use, as thought. I have been using it regularly for 3 months, it has definitely made the skin better- more toned, fresher and clearer.


Sunaina BambraFebruary 28, 2019
I didn't see a remarkable difference on the hair growth on my chin immediately. But using it for 3 months now I notice that I have to pluck the hair in my chin less often. So this is good ,it works


Almash JabinJune 3, 2018


Tanya SharmaMay 4, 2018
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