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Hydrating Cucumber Face Gel

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Cucumber, Aloe vera extracts, Allantoin, Butylene Glyol, Proplene Glycol, Cyperus scariosus (Naragmotha), Rubia cordifolia (Manjistha)



Q: Can I apply it on my daughter's face, she's 3 years old?
A: All our skin care products are made of organic ingredients. It is safe for all age groups to use it.

Q: Can it be used as a primer under make-up?
A: It is a non-greasy, quick absorbent gel that can be used under make-up.

Q: Will it make the skin greasy in summers?
A: It is non- greasy and will not make the skin sweat. However, if the skin feels greasy after application, then apply it all over the face massage it gently and wash off.

Q: Is it to be massaged and removed?
A: It can be massaged and washed off or can be kept on the skin, as desired.

Q: Is it safe to apply on cuts and wounds for healing?
A: It is pure aloe vera pulp which helps open wounds and cuts as well.

Q: Will it help to improve the skin complexion?
A: With regular use, it will fade away the scars and blemishes and give the skin an even tone.

Q: Can it be used daily and during the day or night?
A: It is to be used daily and can be used during the day and night both.

Q. How is to be applied?

A. It can be massaged and washed off or apply and leave it. Sunscreen should be used on it.

Q. What skin type is it for?

A. It is suitable for all skin types but works better on oily skin.

Q. How often can it be used?

A. It is safe to be used for every day.

Q. What can I expect from this gel?

A. With regular use, the skin will become radiant and the complexion and texture will improve.


4 Review


Disha SinghApril 15, 2019
Love it! Gentle on skin, gives a wonderful glow to the face. I am a longtime user of Tjori. Totally in love with this product and most of my other purchases! Timely delivery as always. Highly recommended.


Richa ChhabraApril 10, 2019
It's refreshing and relaxing. It's non-greasy, absorb into the skin. good product. My skin has become better using this, will surely buy more. Thanks Tjori


lovely guptaMarch 23, 2019
Wow,... Amazing product


shamita sharmaMarch 17, 2019
Very good quality product, made sin softer n first use.
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