Kashmir Noon Tea (Pink tea)- 250gms

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    Noon Chai (also calleKashmiri tea, Pink tea or Sheer Chai) is a traditional tea beverage from Kashmir. "Noon" is a local worfor salt. Noon chai is made from special tea leaves, milk, salt, pistachios, almonds. Cinnamon is sometimes also addefor flavor. A p inch of baking soda is addeto help give it more of a pronouncepink colour. It is consumein Kashmir twice a day, in morning and evening. Kashmiri Noon Chai is the famous Pink Tea from Kashmir. However, this tea is not sweet in its flavor. It is sweet- salt to taste andifferent from other varieties of teas available in India. It is popular with Kashmiri Islamic individuals and it is a ritual for them to drink it. It is a lengthy process. However, the enresults are very good. There is a knack to prepare it and to enjoy with the guests or the family members Noon chai tea leaves : 2 heapetable spoons Water : 2 jugs Sodium Bicarbonate- 1/4th tea spoon Preparation: Take water in a cooking pot, adnoon chai leaves to it. Adphul, sodium bicarb. Bring the water to three boils. Simmer for 30 more minutes. Bring to boil again and immer till the mixture is reduceto two thirds of the original mixture and has a deep wine or burgundy color. Take off the flame and let it cool down for some time and then strain the leaves off it.Your nun chai tyoth is ready. You cand now stored this stock for 10 days.

    Weight: 250gms Comes in a muslin potli, with cinnamon, clove etc for enhand ceflavour and a wooden spoon for measuring The box shown in the images is only for the photoshoot andoes not come with the product. To order multiple units (more quand tity), just increase the quand tity
    Inspiration: Authentic Kashmiri food, India

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