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Kashmiri Dried Fig- 200gms

USD 39

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    These DrieFigs comes with a potli and a wooden box for storage. DrieFigs are loadewith nutrients. They come in different colors of green, yellow and purple. Kashmiri Figs are majorly green and purple with and excellent taste and health value,drying out gives figs the elegant copper- brown color.Relish in the goodness of this fruit,which is high in flavor and loadewith the following health benifits: - 1.It has help in maintaining a healthy rate of bloopressure level.. 2. If you are trying to lose some weight, then driefig, being a natural fiber, is a must in your diet. 3.For women, figs are a must as they help prevent women relatehealth problems like breast cand cer, hormonal fluctuations etc. 4.Consuming driefigs on a regular diet basis will result in healthy and mooth skin curing all the acne, blackheads, whiteheads, aging affects and even scars. 5.Figs being loadewith minerals and nutrients help in hair growth by treating dandruff and itchiness. Also its regular consumption nourishes your hair to keep it silky, long and luscious.

    Weight: 200gms Comes in a potli with a wooden box for storage. The box shown in the images is only for the photoshoot andoes not come with the product. To order multiple units (more quand tity), just increase the quand tity
    Inspiration: Authentic Kashmiri Food, India

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