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Masala Tikki- 250gms

USD 29

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    Masala Tikki known as Vaaer in kashmiri is abundand tly usein kashmiri kitchen. In fact this Vaaer represents the essence of kashmiri cuisine. The Masala Tikki is made from Spices like Cloves , Zeera , Rechilly powder , Saunf Powder ,Suunpowder, Methraa ( Fenugreek seeds ) ,a p inch of Turmeric ,Garam Masala , Heeng (Asafoetida ) and Rohunn ( Garlic ) essentially and has a wholesome and rich taste .Indulge yourself completely in this delicious Kashmiri delicacy.

    Weight: 250gms Comes with a potli and metal case for storing. The box shown in the images is only for the photoshoot andoes not come with the product. To order multiple units (more quand tity), just increase the quand tity
    Inspiration: Kashmir, India

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