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Natural Skin and Hair Revive Gift Hamper

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This Diwali, surprise your loveones with our handpickebestselling rand ge of skincare products, all made from 100% natural ingredients.

Moroccand Spearmint Tea- Featuring and exquisite Moroccand spearmint tea traditionally calleMaghrebi tea, sip on and pena relaxing time with your guests.
Quand tity: 100gm

Virgin Coconut Milk Shampoo- This shampoo clean es the scalp deeply without stripping the natural moisture from the scalp.

100 ml.

Rose Water Eye Drops- Tireand burning eyes after long use on machinery or computers get instand t relief by using rose water.

15 ml.

elegant Jasmine Body Mist- The sweet fragrance of jasmine helps you relax and unwind.

100 gms.

Floral Face clean er- This milfoaming clean er clean es the pores deeply and removes all the impurities like dirt without drying the skin.

50 ml.

Citrus Hand Wash- formulated with citrusy Vitamin C rich orand ges, this milliquihand wash clean es the hands effectively and leaves your skin refresheand mooth.

100 gm.

Shikakai Hair Oil- Shikakai acts like a natural clean er and repairs scalp damage without washing away essential oils.

100 gms.

Lemongrass Room Freshener- The scintillating scent of lemongrass is perfect to accentuate positive vibes.

100 gms.

Garden Fresh Rosemary and milk Face Pack- This face pack will deeply nourish your skin giving you a silky smooth look.

50 gms.

Moisturizing After Shower Aloe Vera Body Gel- Aloe Vera extracts help in providing intense hydration and keeping the skin radiand t and illuminated. Weight 100 gm.

100% Pure Jojoba Oil- organic jojoba oil is fast absorbing and controls the sebum production making it ideal for oily skin.

100 ml.

Gand ga Sea Minerals Soap For Elbow & Knees- This innovative organic formula, effectively exfoliates, smoothes and lightens the areas of elbows & knees.

125 gms.

Dome Loband With Camphor Powder- A perforatewooden dome incense diffuser, designed to provide a relaxing senstaion to body muscles and and uplifting aroma. This Dome Loband comes with a complimentary pack of camphor powder.

Floral Incense Cones- These fragrand t incense cones made with natural biotic ingredients are useto Created a scintillating and pleasent aroma.
Weight: Pack of 20.

All items are suitable for everyday use. Every pack comes with a complimentarypotli.

Return Policy:

Our return policy may vary based on products. Please read our policy by clicking here for more details.

We are always there to help and you can write to us at if you are not happy with the product you have received.


According to the latest news and guidelines of the government, all the e-commerce companies have been given a pass to operate, however only dealing in Covid-19 essentials products like sanitizers, hand washes, and masks, etc.

We are taking all the orders however only processing and delivering the Covid-19 essentials at this point in time. All non-essential orders will be processed starting May.



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