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Neck Whitening Papaya Face & Neck Pack

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How to use?

Directions to use- Use a mild cleanser to remove dirt and impurities from the skin. Add rosewater to the powdered pack and mix well. Apply on your neck. Wash off the pack in 10 minutes with cold or lukewarm water. Pat to dry. A patch test is recommended. Remove immediately if you experience any itching or burning sensation.


Potato Extracts, Papaya Powder.  Other Ingredients: Fuller Earth, Sandalwood Powder, Licorice, Natural Clays, Wild Turmeric.



Question :How much time does it take to see the desired results?
Answer :It should be used for 4-6 weeks reguarly to see the desired results. However, the skin will feel fresh and rejuvinated after the first time of using it.
Question :Can it be applied daily?
Answer :It is safe to apply daily, however it should be used 2-3 times a week.
Question :If it is papaya then why is the powder not yellow/orange in color? Does it have anything else added in it?
Answer :It is made of papaya leaves that are sun dried naturally and mixed with other ingredients.
Question :Does it work on darkened skin caused due to hormonal changes?
Answer :It is made from organic ingredients that work well on scars caused to hormonal changes in the body.
Question :Can it be used on the body and face?
Answer :Yes it can be used on both face and body.
Question :Does it have any bleaching ingredients?
Answer :It has natural bleaching ingredients without any chemicals.
Question :What is the active ingredient that makes the skin fairer?
Answer :It has sun dried papaya leaf powder along with other herbs and spices that help improve the skin complexion. 


7 Review


November 10, 2019
Really its a good product.Its works.


October 29, 2019
I got the order so late, like after 12 days from the date of delivery. Anyways product is nice but I feel little burning sensation when I apply it.


Shivani RawatApril 8, 2019
I love this product! It works amazingly on my combination skin. Gives a glow to the dull skin.. reduced the black patches on the cheeks which happened due to dryness. Lovin it!!


Pragya AhujaApril 5, 2019
Guys believe me try it once!! It's magic!! I'm using it every 2 days and it clearly made a difference. The fragrance is very nice and in this price range, it is the best. Order delivered on time also. Very happy and satisfied with the purchase!


Poonam BhardwajOctober 22, 2018
Amazing product, and nice results. it is my first purchase from Tjori and it is really nice of them to deliver in just two days!


Roshani KumawatJuly 20, 2017
A good neck whitening product, it works great on the neck area and i have seen the difference within 5 application. Nice product!


Shavnya RajputJune 22, 2017
The product is just perfect for removing the tan from the neck, I have used this and it has really worked for my skin. Recommended for everyone!
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