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Rigid Acne Scar Remover Face Pack

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Tjori's Rigid Acne Scar Remover Face Pack is a blessing for your skin! It has the age old effectiveness of indigenous wild herbs for healthy acne scar treatment. Formulated with the ancient Ayurvedic recipes like Cinnamon and Sandalwood, it works to give you blemish-free, clear skin.Weight.:50 gm

How to use?

Directions to use: Use a mild cleanser to remove dirt and impurities from skin. Add rosewater to the powdered face pack and mix well.Apply on your face and neck. Wait for the pack to dry.Wash off the dried pack with cold or lukewarm water. Pat to dry.



Cinnamon, Sandalwood. Other Ingredients: Fuller Earth, Lemon Peel, Vetiver, Orange Peel, Manjistha, Hibiscus.

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Ships in 7 working days.


Question :How much time does it take to see the desired results?
Answer :It should be used for 4-6 weeks reguarly to see the desired results. However, the skin will feel fresh and rejuvinated after the first time of using it.
Question :Can it be applied daily?
Answer :It is safe to be used daily, however, it should be used at least 2-3 times a week.
Question :What is the main ingredient that works on removing scars?
Answer :There are multiple herbs,spices, floral extracts that work on the scars.
Question :What skin type does it best work on?
Answer :It is suitable for all skin types.
Question :Will it reduce the scars caused by external factors as well?
Answer :It works on removing the scars caused due to hormonal imbalances and excessive sun exposure. With regular use it fades away the scars and makes the skin even. 


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