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Rose Water Eye Drops

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How to use?

Apply in the eyes multiple times a day, as desired.


Pure rose water



Question :How often is it to be used?
Answer :It can be used daily, multiple times as well.
Question :Can it be used on children?
Answer :Yes it is safe to be used by everyone.
Question :Does it help in reducing the redness in the eye caused to do sun exposure?
Answer :It helps the eye to recover after harsh sun exposure. Gives instant relief to tired eyes.
Question :Can it be used on sensitive eyes?
Answer :Yes it is suitable for sensitive eyes as well.
Question :Can it be used multiple times in a day?
Answer :Yes, can be used mutiple times in a day.
Question :Will it help in protecting the eyes from dust an pollen allergies?
Answer :It protects and helps to build up the immunity of the eyes against.
Question :Is it safe for use after eye surgery?
Answer :Yes it is safe for use after any eye surgery. 


4 Review


chinnu s kumarJanuary 24, 2019
Excellent product .... Happy customer.... Very soothing


Pratima ChennupatiOctober 7, 2018
I purchased the tjori rose water, which seems like a nice product. However, the packaging is really bad. It didn't come with a dropper and it's virtually impossible to use this in the eyes.


surbhi yadavAugust 6, 2018
nice product, helps a lot in making eyes real nice and painless!


Gurleen Kaur July 24, 2017
Real nice, my eyes are feel really good and also it helps them get soothing vibes.
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