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Set Of 3 Copper Steel Pots With Lid

USD 139

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    "A set of three, these kitchen pots have been designed in different sizes for different dishes and quantities. Made in copper with steel insides, it comes with glass lids to help the food to cook faster and better.

    Dimension: H: 3.5 inch, W: 6 inch, Daimeter
    Weight: 640 gm
    Length of Small Pot:H: 3.4 Inch W: 5 Inch, Daimeter
    Weight: 470 gm
    Length of Large Pot:H: 3.6 Inch, W: 6.9 Inch, Daimeter
    Weight: 800 gm
    Color: Copper
    Material: Copper, Steel
    Finish: Copper
    Inspiration: Indian Traditions"

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