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Tan Removal Sundried Oranges & Papaya Facial Scrub

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How to use?

Directions to use- Use a mild cleanser to remove dirt and impurities from skin. Add rosewater to the powdered face pack and mix well. Apply on your face and neck. Wait for the pack to dry. Wash off the dried pack with cold or lukewarm water.


Orange Powder, Papaya Essential Oil.



Q: How does it help in reducing the tan from the skin?
A: Made with ingredients that are ayurvedic it reduces the tan from the skin.

Q: Does it only remove the tan or works even to make the skin fairer?
A: It reduces the tan caused due to harsh sun exposure. With regular use, it makes the skin brighter and clearer.

Q: is it safe for sensitive skin?
A: Absolutely safe for senstive skin as well.

Q: Does it make the skin brighter and how long does it take for the results to show?
A: Yes, it makes the skin brighter and clearer right after the first use. Using it regularly for 4-8 weeks improves the texture and complexion.

Q: For how much time should we leave it?
A: It needs to be mixed with rose water and then applied to face and let it dry and then wash off.


4 Review


February 21, 2020
Wow product.happy this very nice and my skin very smooth. And .soft.


Megha AroraMarch 15, 2019
The product is great, simple to use and effective. The fragrance is also very soothing. Delivered on time and the costing is also great compared to other products in the market. Very satisfied with this purchase!


Deblina DasMarch 8, 2019
This product helps in cleansing the face and makes me feel fresh after it. Very effective, my skin has become more soft and glowing! Thanks, tjori


Anshika MehraMarch 2, 2019
The product was delivered before time and is very effective. Truly satisfied with the product and service!
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