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Embroidery is a unique design and patterns which are mostly used for embroidery sarees and apparels. This work was done by skilled craftsmen. After the revolution of machinery and other devices, the hand embroidered cloth become machine woven. But still, the demand for hand embroidered cloth is far more than the machine made one. In the previous times or you can say ancient times the embroidery was done with gold and silver threads with diamonds or gems stones. Hence the look of the embroidery was different and unique. With every passing day, the amount of trends change is something extraordinary.  Embroideries have continuously been treasured by the women as it improves the look. With coming trends today most of the high-end designers are also creating exemplary assortments with pearls and other unique stones which make the apparel look more elegant and creative.

Embroidered Sarees and There Grace:

arees are considered the best apparel of all time. Particularly, embroidered sarees complete the look for any wedding or traditional functions. On such specific events, some women prefer patterned suits and embroidered sarees on the border or any other patterns. I suppose you are going to a big celebration or any other vital event. You just need to pick the right embroidery saree for yourself.

Sarees with different embroidered likes Aari embroidery, this type of embroidery is done with a pen-like a needle and threads. The shape of the crochet needle helps in making the intricate designs and patterns called “aari work”. The work is popular for its delicate and finest threadwork which makes it even more beautiful.

The edges and perimeters are designed with sequins with handcrafted embroidery you need to put a little effort while taking care of the clothing. Like always keep the embroidered sarees covered in a plastic or paper bag. Prefer to dry clean it. 

Nowadays, the edges and perimeters are seamed with sequins to present that cloth with a designer look. Within the category of designer embroidery sarees, the cutwork embroidery is given a lot of polished looks. Though sari belongs to the traditional pattern, this hand embroidery is unequivocal of lovely floral outlines with a small thread added in the center.

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How to Style Embroidered Saree:

Embroidered saree is beautiful in terms of style and design and because of that, you don’t need many things to get ready for a party.

Adding grace to the embroidery saree you can choose silver jewelry as they will look exemplary in style. If you are going for a traditional event I would suggest going ethnic footwear like heels. If you are not comfortable with heels then switch to juttis or any other traditionally designed footwear.

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