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Cotton Sarees

Cotton Sarees

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Cotton Sarees- The Perfect Addition to Your Wardrobe

Tant Cotton sarees, evolved from Bengal is till now the best Indian apparel made for the heavy Indian summer. The art of making tant sarees has bravely survived the time of British invasion in India. Made by weavers, it played an important role during freedom struggle of India when swadeshi goods were discarded. The saree dates back to the Indus valley civilization and has been the pride of India ever since. Along with the lehenga choli, suits, anarkali suits and kurtis, cotton sarees are a must-have when it comes to Indian traditional attire. The collection of sarees is not complete without a cotton sarees. Surely this adds up perfection into your wardrobe. So make sure you have it in your blissful closet of saree.

Cotton Saree- One for Everyone:

There are so many things that you must know about cotton sarees. There are so many types of sarees in specific ways cotton sarees are perfect for everyone because here are few reasons, check them out.

Pure cotton sarees are very easy to wash and are absolutely low-maintenance to anyone. They are not heavy, comfortable and subtle. If you are wearing one then forget about the heavy weight, easily adjustable and has a straight look. Cotton fabric is light and easy to breathe, it is perfect for cold weather. There are cotton sarees of different thickness and needs, choose according to your choice and make your style amazing. Starch is perfectly suitable for cotton sarees, but don’t apply that on silk cotton sarees or any other specific saree. Starch also helps in creating crisp pleats that keep the look perfect. Cotton sarees online has different weaves and designs, so you can have a lot of option.

Pick The Best Cotton Sarees Online:

Cotton sarees are also created by blending fabrics such as silk, jute and many others, you can have you desired looks by creating your own designs in them. If you want to have rich designs or prints on the saree then you must go for kalamkari or Ajrakh cotton sarees. Cotton sarees will never go out of style as they have never seen dark day in the history of sarees.

South Cotton Sarees originates from Telegana and you will notice that it has some references of block printing and patterning on them. Depending on the range of contemporary colours and the designs you can select your favourite. Simple saree with an embroidered blouse is all you need with that you can go for some tribal jewellery. The Bengal cotton saree is from Bengal as you can get it by the name. The style and borders of the saree are combat they are precisely made using with simple alignment.

How to Style Like a Cotton Saree Like a Pro:

Wearing latest cotton sarees with zari work and pair it with a simple blouse, to accessorize gold jewellery to uplift the look. Banarasi silk and cotton sarees are dark hued and also have certain vibrancy and light.  They are perfect for evening wear and can be fun with designer blouses and jhumkas to top the outfit. Sambalpuri cotton sarees are hand-woven Ikat sarees, which can be found in Odisha. The woven-design border and thicker fabrics gives it a distinct drape. This saree is preferred by those people who love wearing Indian crafts oriented apparels. This can be styled with sleeveless blouse.

Buy the Best Cotton Sarees at Tjori

We have various collections of cotton sarees with prices to suit your pocket and you can style them according to your personality and style statement. Browse through our website and look at the amazing collection of cotton sarees and fall in love at first sight. We bring the best weaves and every kind of cotton sarees, you will love the fabrics and also there are some crafts available which are solely handcrafted from particular state. Sometimes what you need is not that to reveal something, it’s for making heads turn and it should eye-catching. What you need is a neat and simple saree which has a neat pallu and pleats. Yes, a stylish cotton saree or two is a must-have in your collection of sarees. So, if you have an important meeting or presentation which is in few days and you are not ready with any dress then a cotton saree can work better and best.

To style it for a meeting, a simple tribal earrings or a single chain would work the best for accessorization. While can end up look too much if you carry too much jewellery with the saree. Apart from a sophisticated look, another feature that makes cotton sarees a good choice in a country like ours is the fact that they are best for the weather in India. Silk cotton sarees, can make your evening events a star nights. These are comfortable and at ease, you can easily style them as well.

Things to Keep In Mind:

There are few things that you must know before wearing a cotton saree- Do not wear it without ironing it that gives it a sense of neatness and straight look. Wearing one without ironing can do the exact opposite as you can never hide wrinkles on this saree. The good thing here is that the pleats stay firm and won’t slip off as in case other sarees. You should drape with great care and once done you are good then you are good for long hours. But one thing is that you need to keep in mind is that sarees in cooton need to be carefully pleated without any wrinkling. Cotton sarees can be starched and can be made stiff for a neat look. Start your shopping sphere with cotton saree at Tjori, make your wardrobe perfect with different types of cotton sarees.  You will find amazing range of sarees here like the printed kalamkari ones or the plain pastel hued cotton sarees. Choose and style it your way. Buy the best Indian cotton sarees at Tjori.