• Trending Kolhapuri Chappal Designs You Can't Miss to Have

    Do you love ethnic footwear? The design, pattern, features, and fashion ethnic footwear offers are beyond the brands. And here we are talking about the iconic kolhapuri chappal for women. Planning a vacation to Maharashtra is only complete with picking up a pair of the state's renowned Kolhapuri Chappal. Leather sandals made famous in the villages of Maharashtra, India, are known as Kolhapuri chappal, hold...
  • Can Cotton Clothes Be Recycled?

    Cotton is found in both reusable and single-use goods in our homes. It is extensively used in garments and towels, cotton balls, cotton swabs, and even certain coffee filters. You're bound to go through many single-use cotton goods, but cotton dresses and other fabrics don't endure indefinitely. When a cotton product has served its purpose, you may question if it can be recycled alongside your other...
  • Phirans By Tjori

    Phirans By Tjori

    Phiran is a garment from the beautiful valleys of Kashmir, a perfect outfit for both men and women and one of the first few globally accepted unisex clothing. The Phirans can be made of cotton for summer use and made out of wool for winter use, this piece of clothing truly owns the true respect of the most versatile garment one can own in...
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