Phirans By Tjori

Phiran is a garment from the beautiful valleys of Kashmir, a perfect outfit for both men and women and one of the first few globally accepted unisex clothing. The Phirans can be made of cotton for summer use and made out of wool for winter use, this piece of clothing truly owns the true respect of the most versatile garment one can own in their wardrobe. The garment was created with such detailed thought that the original silhouette doesn't need much tweaking done for it to be used by modern Indian Women.

A few exciting and fun facts about Phirans

  • Pheran or Phyaran, was originally designed to protect oneself from the chilly winters of Kashmir. Its origin traces back to the Mughal era from where the Royal style of this long garment was inspired. Historians suggest that the name Pheran was derived from a Greek word, Apron, while also a belief is followed that it got the name from Central Asia, Tajikistan as Peraband.

  • A popular belief is that Akbar introduced the garment to tame the brave Kashmiris and make them addicted to a lazy lifestyle after he conquered Kashmir on October 6, 1586.

  • Pheran is an essential part of weddings for women. After completing the ritual of having a bath (aab-sherun) before nikkah, brides are supposed to wear a Tilla-embroidered pheran, offer two rakats of namaz (salah), recite Qur’an & wear the same pheran for nikkah. Such is the essence of pherans.

Presenting Shikara,

Our sublime everyday wear right from the beautiful wadis of Kashmir.

The collection consists of a wide range of colorful cord sets or the traditional Phirans, worn by the natives of Kashmir. It's Crafted using the Finest woven Cashmilon wool and delicately adorned with Aari and Tilla embroideries, giving the most authentic and unique look to fit every winter occasion. A must-have, to upgrade your everyday winter wardrobe. 

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