Trending Kolhapuri Chappal Designs You Can't Miss to Have

Do you love ethnic footwear? The design, pattern, features, and fashion ethnic footwear offers are beyond the brands. And here we are talking about the iconic kolhapuri chappal for women.

Planning a vacation to Maharashtra is only complete with picking up a pair of the state's renowned Kolhapuri Chappal. Leather sandals made famous in the villages of Maharashtra, India, are known as Kolhapuri chappal, hold a unique place in the Indian handicraft industry.

 Kolhapuris are not your usual leather footwear; they are built to withstand the harshest of terrains and climatic fluctuations. This blog will introduce you to the fantastic trendy kolhapuri chappals for women to buy.

Kanwali Legendary Kolhapuri Chappal!

The Kolhapuri Chappal got its name when it was first sold in front of the well-known Kolhapuri Mahalakshmi temple.

These are made traditionally, without chemicals, from genuine buffalo leather and natural colors.

This scandal, known as "Kanwali" in the local language, is distinguished by its open toe, T-strap design, and two side flaps that mimic ears. While traditional Kolhapuri chappals were functional and unadorned, contemporary versions have trendy accents like zari and tassels.

Black Kolhapuri Chappal Is a Must Have

Black Kolhapuris are the most stylish shoes ever! The all-black design of the sophisticated kolhapuri chappals exudes a sense of assurance and ease, unlike anything else.

A multi-braided strap with a black leather tassel complements the bag's ample bottom.

Moreover, the open-toe sandal style is perfect for all your classic ensembles and features a minimalist aesthetic. Soles are made from thermoplastic rubber (TPR) rather than leather for perpetual ease.

Handmade Leather Kolhapuri Chappal

If you love to have leather footwear, kolhapuri chappal for women has you covered. The chappals are limited to velvet, zari, and other fabric and are also made of leather.

A leather kolhapuri chappal pair is a must-have if you're in the market for classic, retro kicks. These Kolhapuri sandals are crafted from genuine leather and colored a golden yellow for a refined appearance.

This one-of-a-kind set is built to endure fire and rust. You will also find the crimson thread tassel on the end of the extra-wide strap is an innovative creation by Kolhapuri artisans.

Broad Strap Simple Chappals

The timeless, simple leather kolhapuri chappal will work for those who love elegant and simple looks. The simple style complements a wide variety of ethnic clothing. The extra-wide bottom ensures supreme comfort all day long.

The broad strap is decorated with finely braided fabric threads and a vibrant red pom-pom. The base's hand-stitched design gives these shoes a sophisticated appeal.

Don't Forget Bronze Shaded Chappals

The brown kolhapuri chappal is a need for those times when you need to dress in Indian style but don't have the correct shoes. A Kolhapuri chappal in bronze and black, the ideal synthesis of tradition and innovation, is a must-buy.

This footwear's elaborate style will make any outfit appear more luxurious. The leather foundation is embossed with a pattern of metallic rings.

The cushioned footbed and tassel accent on the strap give these sandals a high-end aesthetic, while the strap itself is adorned with braided thread.

Ready to Purchase Kolhapuri Chappals For Yourself?

The classic allure of kolhapuri chappal for women is undeniable. These slip-on are constructed from a black sole and rubber non-slip heel. Only the highest quality leather is used in producing these authentic Kolhapuri. So, what are you waiting for? Tjori has got you covered!

With a stellar collection, we deliver authentic chappals to your doorsteps. Explore and shop at the earliest!

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