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Buy R95 Cotton Face Mask Online

With the widespread onset of the COVID-19 pandemic get yourself buckled up with Tjori’s R95 cotton face mask that not only give you face protection against pollution but also from viruses and germs present in the atmosphere.

Why do You Need A Cotton Face Mask

Many of us do not actually know the real reason behind wearing a dust face mask or 3 ply mask. The basic point of wearing a 3 ply mask or any mask is to keep other people safe if you are sick or have symptoms of a virus.

There are 3 types of masks that are usually seen-

  1. SURGICAL MASKS which are also known as 3 PLY face masks
  2. RESPIRATORY MASKS which are also known as N95 face masks


  • 3 PLY Face Mask

3 PLY mask is the same as the surgical masks usually. Buy your very own 3 ply mask online and keep your family protected. The 3 ply mask is made up of three-ply material that has a melt-blown polymer which is most commonly polypropylene placed between the two non-woven fabric. The pleats in these masks online are given so that you can adjust it accordingly to expand or relax along with two elastic threads to tie or hold behind your ear to keep it in place. Recommended by doctors from around the globe and now also by the government get these 3 ply masks which are also known as dust masks as they prevent any dirt to go inside must-haves for you and your family’s round-the-clock protection.

  • R95 Face Mask

Buy your R95 mask online with Tjori and give your family the protection it needs. Buy your mask online that acts as a respiratory face protection mask that has high filtration of 2.5PM of airborne particles. The R95 mask online is ideal for the times like this of the COVID-19 pandemic.


  • Stop going to any public places or community centers for socializing.
  • Use a hand sanitizer spray or gel whenever you touch a public surface.
  • Always wear a face mask be it a 3ply mask or N95 mask.
  • R95 mask online has proved to provide you better face protection from COVID-19 germs although it does not provide you immunity it does provide you face protection.
  • Wash your hands regularly in proper motion and maintain hygiene and distance.
  • Drink plenty of fluids to keep your body in good and healthy working conditions.


As all of you majorly might be knowing about the current pandemic situation that has come up because of the COVID-19 virus or the coronavirus. The first case of COVID-19 was noticed in Wuhan, a meat market in China. It is believed that the COVID-19 virus has 90% the same genetic composition as that found in a certain bat species. Although the research is still going on and there is not much confirmed about the exact reason for how it was transmitted to humans.

So if you think it is just hype then you are wrong. COVID-19 is a very genuine concern all over the globe as of now because even no cure has been found. Buy R95 Cotton Face Masks online and ensure that your family is safe.


COVID-19 spreads from the below of some reasons

  • If you come in contact with a COVID positive person or use the same things used by them.
  • Socializing without the basic essentials like the R95 cotton face mask or 3 ply face mask.
  • By coughing or sneezing of a COVID positive teste person.


Well, there is no such cure for the COVID-19 but there are essentials that you can use to slow the rapid spread of the virus-like using the cotton face mask inline like the R95 mask and 3 PLY mask. Always keep a hand sanitizer near you whenever you go out.

Go out only is necessary and avoid all sorts of socializing.

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