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Multicolour German Silver Afghan Earrings
Creating mesmerising designs using colourful stones in teardrop-shapes, this pair of Afghan earrings has been handmade in German silver. The gold plating and plathora of colours makes these earrings ideal for traditional events. Dimension: L: 3 inch, Weight: 16 gm...
₹723.00 ₹506.00
Pink-Red Afghan German Silver Earrings
100% handmade in German silver and boasting a gold plating, this pair of earrings add color to any outfit. Embedded with pink and red stones, these earrings can be paired with your favorite little black dress for a bold look,...
₹723.00 ₹506.00
Medium Size Circular Hoop Earrings (Metallic Silver plated)
This pair will make you stand out from the crowd as it adds a pinch of vogue to your everyday look. These stylish brass based hoop earrings are metallic silver polished making it a must-have. Grab yours now! Dimension: L:...
₹930.00 ₹651.00
Yellow Tri-Leaf Afghan German Silver Earrings
Decorated with silver single ghungroo bells, this pair of silver plated earrings has been 100% handcrafted in German Silver. The yellow stones add subtle colour to your outfit. Dimension: L: 4.1 inch, Weight: 11.50 gm Color: Yellow Material: German Silver...
₹723.00 ₹506.00
Yellow-Green Afghan German Silver Earrings
Perfectly complimenting each other, the yellow and green stones embellished in the earrings are a subtle addition to your outfit. 100% handmade in German silver, these earrings have been inspired by Afghan jewelry. Dimension: L: 3.1 inch, Weight: 16.28 gm...
₹723.00 ₹506.00
Green-Red German Silver Afghan Earrings
Embellished with red stones and green enamel adornments, this pair of German silver earrings have borrowed inspiration from Afghan jewelry. Gold plated to perfection, these earrings are ideal for traditional events. Dimension: L: 2.5 inches Weight: 19.5 gm Color: Red,...
₹827.00 ₹579.00
Pink-Red German Silver Afghan Earrings
Crafted using pink and red teardrop shaped stones in a floral design, these German silver earrings borrow inspiration from Afghan jewelry. Ideal for traditional as well as western events, these can be worn with any matching outfit. Dimension: L: 3.1...
₹723.00 ₹506.00
Thick Silver plated Hoop Earrings
This thick silver earrings pair will accentuate any of your outfits. Add it to your collection of stylish earrings and let style flourish. Made with brass, this piece is silver polished which makes it even more stylish.Dimension: L:2.5 Inch Weight:31...
₹2,691.00 ₹1,884.00
Sphere Net Tribal Silver Jhumkas
Handcrafted in pure silver, these earrings blend traditional sensibilities with a contemporary design. They feature net around a round embellishment with a design of tribal motif. Wear these earrings with your western and ethnic outfit. Dimension : L:2.5 Inch Weight:...
₹1,299.00 ₹1,099.00
Zuri Afghani Tribal Jhumka Chain Earrings
The conical adornments add charm and elegance to the pair. Made out of premium quality silver chain , these afghani jhumkas are perfect to be wear on speical occassions and apparels not only ears but the extended chain acts as...
₹2,199.00 ₹1,899.00

Afghani Earrings

Those who are familiar would agree that the uncanny attraction to all things Tribal, are well aware of the magic that it creates while someone wears them.  Every time I set eyes on a display of the Afghani Earrings or necklace, a plethora of emotions takes over and my first instinct is to buy them all. This Afghan Jewellery and the tribe dates back to 3000 years, found primarily in Central Asia. From an overview of the developing cultures across the world, it is apparent that the spirit of art is essentially tribal. The tribe is no less in any way with their benchmark and popular skills which the jewellery stands so strong in the recent times.  They have always taken immense pride in the rich history they possess, be it their garments, textile or the ornamental wonders. The culture of the natives has always been a step ahead of time.

The Afghani Jewellery reflects freedom and passion in its style. With prominent influences of various cultures combined, it is also an advocate of feminism and elegance for the women of the tribe. Be it the head, the hands or the anklets, there is virtually no part of the body that was left uncovered with some form of kuchi jewellery.

The jewellery of the tribe integrates elements from Middle East, Central Asia and the tribal areas of former sovient Union. These afghan jewellery artists use coins, bells, and large colourful glass jewels to produce to lovely chokers, necklace, cuff bracelets, pendants, belts, rings, earrings, headpieces and more completely by hand, often in centuries-old designs. These pieces sometimes incorporated beadwork or embroidery.

Pick The Best Designer Afghani Jewellery:          

The process of creating Afghani Earrings is comparatively non-complex. The initial pieces were made out of silver, merged with few other materials like nickel, brass, tin or other base metals. The metal was melted down to make new pieces of flashing jingling finery that were worn by the women of the tribe for ceremonies.  Afghan jewellery online available online at our platform and is superlative in various manners. This type of jewellery can make any dress look amazing and stylish.

There are so many types and variety of afghan jewellery which are literally winning hearts out there. Afghan earrings is one the most sold product as every single person who I have seen is wearing some of the type of jewellery. Headpieces, necklaces, earrings and bracelets and more which is available here.

Buy The Stunning Afghani Jewellery Online:

There is some of the best Afghani Jewellery which is available online at our online store Tjori, handcrafted in German silver and plated in silver, the pair of earrings has been enhanced with rich green stones and conical adornments. Pair it with a rich red outfit to create a contrasting look. You can easily style it with many ethnic and western outfits. These are gorgeous pieces which are worn by many celebrities and bloggers. Afghan jewellery has an astonished range which can be used for years as it is known for its oxidized presence, it is important to know how to safely keep them, make a cotton bed and keep your jewellery on top of it. Cotton helps in keeping the jewellery the way it is. It is useful in many senses. Afghan Jewellery is a tradition which is pursued from ages in Kabul Afghanistan. It is still present there and is brilliantly made and structured by the tribe there. In Eastern and western outskirts this has been transferred and used religious at every place. In India, this is one of the top trend which is used in by all the women.

Silver Gunghroo German Silver Afghan Earrings:

Adorned with single ghungroo bells in silver plating, these afghan earrings have been handcrafted in German silver. The leaf like design has been created using silver coloured stones.

Pink and Green German Silver Afghan:

Flaunting silver this pair of latest Afghan Earrings boasts a flower adorned with magenta and green stones. Attached to long conical adornments, these earrings can be worn with deep green outfits.

Red German Silver Afghani Earrings:

Plated in gold, this pair of dangling earrings showcases a flower in red stone and a blue centre. To add a tribal touch, these earrings have been adorned with long bell-like embellishments.

Emerald Green Afghan German Silver Earrings:

Handcrafted in German silver and plated in silver, this pair of earrings has been enhanced with rich green stones and conical adornments. Pair it with a rich red outfit to create a contrasting look.

Yellow Green Afghan German Silver Earrings:

Perfectly complimenting each other, the yellow and green stones embellished in the earrings are a subtle addition to your outfit. Handmade in german silver, these earrings have been inspired by Afghan Jewellery.