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Overnight Skin Transforming Face Serum
A face serum that helps you with all your concerns! The best face serum available in the market! Face serums are lightweight moisturizers that penetrate deeper to deliver active ingredients into your skin. It is believed that our skin repairs...
₹499.00 ₹349.00
Skin Brightening Facial Serum
Tjori's light weighted and non-greasy facial serum can be used to effectively lighten the skin, reducing stubborn pigmentation, and eventually revealing smoother and younger skin. This organic formulation nourishes your delicate skin gently. It is a 24-hour moisture booster with...
₹499.00 ₹349.00
Facial Hair Growth Reducing Scrub
Facial hair could make you feel under-confidant. Though it isn't tough to remove hair, it’s a painful process and some may be allergic to the treatments used. Formulated with rare Ayurvedic herbs, along with Himalayan pink salt that revitalizes the...
₹499.00 ₹349.00
Curry Leaves & Hibiscus Hair Growth Oil 100ml
Curry leaves are known for their rich source of beta carotene which helps control hair loss and promotes hair growth. Hibiscus adds shine and helps darken your hair by preventing premature greying. Tjori offers the best hair oil that will...
₹499.00 ₹349.00
Age Defying Face Serum
This lightweight powerful formula makes the skin plumper and hydrated and rich face oils like jojoba oil, fennel oil, and vetiver oil reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with consistent use. This serum also supports the appearance of...
₹499.00 ₹349.00
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Fenugreek Hair Oil
₹279.00 399.00 (30%)
Fenugreek Hair Oil
5000 years of Ayurvedic wisdom in one bottle! Enriched with real Fenugreek seeds, Tjori's Fenugreek hair oil is a miracle worker to boost blood circulation and reduce dandruff. Fenugreek seeds also have high protein and nicotinic acid content, which are...
₹399.00 ₹279.00
Youth Renewing Face Serum
Tjori's youth renewing serum made with the goodness of jojoba oil and primrose extracts helps boost the look and feel of your skin. The skin is more wrinkle-free and radiant, without any extra effort. Net Weight: 10 ml
₹499.00 ₹349.00
Skin Brightening Light-Weight Face Oil
This powerful face serum is formulated with ingredients that work together synergistically to provide the ultimate results to address all your skincare needs. Rosehip seed oil penetrates quickly to nourish your skin while visibly brightening and improving the skin texture....
₹499.00 ₹349.00
Brow Hair Enhancing Night Serum
Tjori's Brown Hair Enhancing Night Serum is designed to enhance the thickness of the brow hairs you do have and help stimulate growth in areas that are sparse. Apply once or twice a day (following package directions), and this serum...
₹499.00 ₹349.00
Healing Sandalwood And Turmeric Bar
Turmeric has long been known as the beauty-enhancing spice. Mixed with the goodness of sandalwood this soap will give your skin the perfect glow that it deserves. In addition to this, it also prevents body odor and has antiseptic properties....
₹499.00 ₹349.00
Almond Oatmeal Wash Bar
Handcrafted using organic and natural ingredients, this wash bar is ideal for all skin types. The calming aroma helps to soothe the body and mind. Almonds are rich in vitamin-E, which nourishes and softens the skin when applied daily. Applying...
₹399.00 ₹279.00
Hair Oil For Stubborn Dandruff On Dry Scalp
Excessive scalp dryness leads to stubborn dandruff that needs extra hydration. Powered with multiple herbs and rich oils that works to the deepest layers, this hair oil is the solution to fight the toughest form of dandruff and keep dry...
₹499.00 ₹349.00
A2 Milk Fat and Raw Turmeric Bathing bar
Crafted with the richness of Ayurvedic Besan and pure yogurt (Dahi) this soap is ideal for clearing skin naturally. While Haldi works as an antiseptic, the essential oils provides the daily dose of nourishment required for your skin. These characteristics...
₹1,034.00 ₹724.00
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