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Home decoration is an art and every person who owns a house knows how to keep their houses in contrasting shades or complimenting house items. This is a current obsession with people to keep the house in manner that it tells a story. There are certain aspects which we need to keep in mind also when decorating the house.  The art work is something which we can keep in accordance with your taste and style. There are so many types of things which you do to make your house a bit more exquisite and amazing.

Start with something neutral like adding stripes to your décor is a perfect start to finish activity it is as similar to adding a ribbon to any gift pack which at the end who amazing. The bed sheet with stripes, this is a simplest thing you can do to add a drastic change in your room or any other area. A simple change can make a lot of difference in the décor of the room.

Stripes work as a dress up in the harmony of the room. Stripes are very versatile design element which goes well with most of the décor. Including contemporary traditional or Victorian stripes into your furnishing and make them more funky. . It all depends on the striped elements you select and how you use them. Make the most out of your furnishings like bed sheets and curtains.

Your Bedroom- Your Story:

Bedroom is that area of your house which reflects your personality and be a story teller for you. Deep Blue is a colour which makes everything cool and in the tone of night. It suggests the mood of calm and harmony. This beautiful colour comes with different names and hues like royal blue, Navy blue, indigo, powder blue, lapis, midnight blue etc. You can find easy options of cotton bed sheets in this section which makes it more beautiful for a bedroom. Pair whites and blues in the room and see the magic of these colours. In case you don’t want you put a lot of effort then just adds blue as a furnishing item like bedsheets or curtain. These blue compliments almost any designs plan from looking like a vintage story or a modern home.  Blue can work with white and grey as well, it is that colour of rainbow which makes it easy for everyone to lighten up the mood. It brings attention to any part of the room. If you choose your bedroom then I would suggest go white and blue bed sheet which makes it more powerful and nice. The look of your interior is based on the sense of your styling, maximizing the visual beauty of your room is your priority.

In spite of blue what you can do to change the room ambience is by adding a little texture. It provides variety in the room and creates an interest which reflects emotions and balance. It may also enhance the room in further manner. With texture there comes a warning that adding to much of it can make the room fussier and look unmanageable. For this you can choose cotton bedsheets and other furnishings and decorative items which make it more beautiful and amazing.

Get Different Types of Bed sheets from Tjori:

Cotton Bed sheets: A white cotton bed sheets is a home essential whether you’re at whatever age. A proud homemaker or a self reliant college girl a white bed sheet is a must have in your furnishing collection.  At Tjori, you can find 100% cotton bedsheets, pillow covers, quilts etc. you can choose from the wide and gorgeous range available on our website.

Grey Orissa Cotton Bed sheets:

A beautiful bed sheet handcrafted in premium Orissa cotton, this one comes in beautiful colour and grey as I suggested before you can always apply these shades into your room and make them look amazing. This shade blends with white and blue easily.

Buy Printed Bed sheets To Create a Great Room:

You can take your décor to new heights, most of the time, we think about ceilings as just as blank space at the top of the walls. Instead, think of ceilings as a fifth wall that can be enhanced to put character into any space. For these drastic changes you need a lot of efforts but for me the easiest way to do it is like adding furnishing and décor. Adding beautiful pieces and décor items can make a lot of changes in the way the room looks.

Another addition you can do is adding black to the design. There’s something about this dark and mysterious shade that helps in enhancing colour of the room. Even if it’s a small touch of black and make a big change. If you are not ok with the black and add just a pinch and it will enhance the whole room without even been in notice. One of the best things about black is it is vintage kind of thing; it never goes out of trend. It has great vibe attach to it.

There are lots of bed sheets which can help you in making a lot of significant difference in the room.

Green Kettle Cotton Bed Sheet:

Why to leave the kid’s bedroom unfurnished or not properly decorated? As I said earlier furnishings makes a big difference in any mood or room like this bed sheet. This gorgeously soft bed sheet is made with pure cotton and printed with block printed with hands which makes it more beautiful. You can add this to any kid’s room and see the difference.

Puppy Print Yellow Cotton Bed Sheet:

A cheerful colour and quirky print which can make any kid room nice and beautiful. Charming finish can turn your kid’s room in a different charming ambience. It is makes a big difference in making any bed look amazing. You can try different furnishing products to make your kid’s room look beautiful and stylish. Cotton Bedsheets and furnishings make a huge difference check our huge collection and turn your style to the new heights.

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